Make it matter

Whether it’s creating a global strategy for Search, or helping local African businesses make the most of the web, APMMs get to lead a wide variety of marketing projects throughout two distinct rotations.

Jump right in

APMMs have a seat at the table from a product’s conception to its launch. They’re encouraged to push the boundaries of traditional marketing in order to bring the magic of our products to users in never-been-done-before ways.

Forge your path

On an accelerated path to leadership positions, APMMs get to flex their creative muscles and learn new skills through cross-functional collaboration, mentorship, training, and firsthand experience.

Establish a lifelong network

APMMs share more than just a passion for technology and innovation. They are collaborators, mentors, future co-founders, best friends, and occasionally each others' wedding officiants.

Aaron Taylor

Aaron Taylor

Brand, Associate Product Marketing Manager

"My first week on the job, I was sitting in a meeting alongside engineers, designers, and brand strategists, discussing strategy for one of the company's most important initiatives. It's been incredibly rewarding to own projects end-to-end. "

Raymond Braun

Raymond Braun

YouTube, Product Marketing Manager

"The APMM program gave me the opportunity to explore my passions at work and empowered me to put forth ideas for projects that were personally meaningful, which led to me creating #ProudToPlay and #ProudToLove."

Brit Morin

Brit Morin

Founder and CEO of Brit + Co

"Looking back, I can't believe how much I learned in the APMM program. It's rare to be given so much responsibility at such a young age, and I truly feel like my experience at Google was what gave me the confidence and boldness to chart my own path as an entrepreneur."

Who should apply to the APMM program?

APMMs are a diverse group of self-starters with backgrounds ranging from biology to sociology. They are people who think both analytically and creatively, coming up with crazy world-changing ideas and executing on them. We consider graduating seniors, as well as folks who have been in industry a few years.

How do I apply?

We take applications at different points throughout the year, depending on region. You can apply to any country where you speak the business language of that office and have work authorization in that office. Check out the careers site to see what’s currently available.

Outside of the US, we hire as business need arises.

In the US, please refer to university recruiting if you are currently an undergraduate for internships and full-time positions; look out for communications on your campus in the fall prior to when you will graduate / intern (e.g., for summer/fall 2018 opportunities, look out in the fall of 2017).

For those with full-time work experience, please check out the careers site for available APMM roles in the US. The majority of roles will be based in the Bay Area, with occasional roles offered in New York. We will be hiring for the remainder of 2017 based on business need and will open up early 2018 opportunities on our website in Winter 2017.

What is the scope of the program?

We accept 70-100 APMMs across 29 offices in 24 countries. APMMs complete a two-year program. The first rotation is assigned based on our business needs at the time and lasts approx. 18 months; the second is based on the associate’s interest in location, role, and product area. Many APMMs graduate from the program and stay in their second rotation, while others find another new role.

What kinds of training opportunities are available within the program?

APMMs receive extensive on-the-job training with access to all Google resources, as well as learning and development opportunities tailored for program participants, from an online learning portal to experiential learning opportunities to a global trip to immerse themselves in new markets.

What happens at the end of the program?

After two years, APMMs have the opportunity to either remain in their second role, or transfer to another team within the Marketing organization. Many APMMs go on to run larger teams as Product Marketing Managers, others leave Google to continue their studies, and some even go on to start their own companies.

What makes a successful APMM?

Demonstrated analytical aptitude and creative intuition. Passion for technology and digital Marketing, and entrepreneurial spirit. Proven leadership skills and proactive approach to problem-solving. Global outlook and wide range of interests.