Make the transition

The professional engineering environment is constantly evolving. Google's Engineering Residency is specifically designed to accelerate the transition from school to industry - enabling you to have an impact right away.

Learn new skills

At Google, our infrastructure is really complex. As an Engineering Resident, you'll learn the things that are harder to teach in school - from large-scale distributed processing and Google-style test-driven development, to applied theory and code reviews, to developer workflow and beyond.

Grow with peers

The cohort experience can be a powerful one. With such a diverse set of backgrounds and perspectives, your peers will provide you with opportunities for learning and development throughout the program - and they'll serve as a lifelong network.

Kickstart your career

This opportunity is unique. As an Engineering Resident, you'll have the ability to build technical skills, adjust to industry work, leverage a built-in support network, and access mentorship opportunities - all of which will kickstart your career in tech.



Software Engineer, Technical Infrastructure

"Transitioning into the working world, you really don’t know what’s on the other end. It was incredibly valuable to take my first steps into it with a group of peers. They became a network of friends spanning all sorts of cool projects."



Software Engineer, Project Fi

"Engineering Residency gave me the skills to work at scale. I learned how to take a theory I learned at school and build production ready systems. I learned how to make a desktop application serve millions of users around the world. And I learned from the best in the industry."



Software Engineer, My Maps

"One of my favorite things about Engineering Residency was the many opportunities I had to meet different people and hear about different teams. This really helped me find my place at Google."

Who should apply to the Engineering Residency program?

Engineering Residents want to solve big problems in a collaborative environment. We consider graduating seniors earning a computer science degree, as well as computer science graduates who have been in the industry for less than one year.

How do I apply?

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and can be submitted via the job description link below. If selected for an interview, Engineering Residency candidates will complete a series of phone and video chat interviews.

How is the program structured?

Engineering Residency is a one-year residency program designed to hone residents’ technical skills, provide programming experience on Google Engineering teams, and offer mentorship opportunities. Residents attend a short training period followed by rotations on up to two Google Engineering teams.

What can I expect during the "training period" of the program?

During the initial training period, which lasts eight weeks, Engineering Residency combines interactive group learning with training on Google tools, technologies and best practices. Throughout the entire program, residents will continue training by attending sessions taught by senior Google engineers, working with technical mentors, and partnering with peers in their cohort on challenging group engineering projects.

What can I expect during the "rotational period" of the program?

During the rotational period, residents are embedded on Engineering teams across the company. They work side-by-side with engineers on important, real-world projects that are core to Google.

What happens at the end of the program?

Before the end of their residency year, residents will be considered for full-time positions on Google Engineering teams, including placement with their rotation teams if applicable.