Changhua County, Taiwan

Google is proud to call Changhua County home to one of our data centers.

In September 2011, we announced that we had acquired 15 hectares of land in Changhua County, Taiwan, with plans to build one of our first data centers in Asia. In December 2013, we announced the opening of our facility that represents a total long-term investment of USD 600 million.

We built this to be one of Asia’s most efficient and environmentally friendly data centers. One way we’re increasing efficiency here that’s unique among our global fleet of data centers is through the use of a nighttime cooling and thermal energy storage system. The system works by cooling water at night, when temperatures are cooler, storing the cooled water in large insulated tanks where it retains it’s temperature before being pumped throughout the facility to cool our servers during the day. A team of just over 60 full time Googlers keeps the site running, alongside a number of part- and full-time contractors in a variety of roles, from computer technicians to electrical and mechanical engineers to caterers.

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Why did Google choose Changhua County, Taiwan?

Taiwan is a leading high-tech hub, with a history of supporting innovation and foreign investment, and a location right in the heart of Asia. To power its high-tech industry and thriving Internet economy, Taiwan has invested in reliable infrastructure, innovative world-class talent and a stable and accommodating regulatory environment. As with all of our facilities around the world, we chose Changhua County following a thorough and rigorous site selection process, taking many technical and other considerations into account, including location, infrastructure, workforce, reasonable business regulations and cost.