Jackson County, Alabama

  • Welcome

    Google is proud to be building a data center in Alabama.

    In April of 2018, Google officially broke ground on its $600 million data center in Jackson County, Alabama. Once fully operational, our data center will employ 75-100 employees in a variety of full-time and contractor roles, including computer technicians, engineers, and various food services, maintenance, and security roles.

    Since 2016, we've awarded more than $600,000 to local schools and nonprofits, particularly in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through grants, events, and programs.

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  • Working Here


    Google hires the most qualified individuals from around the world. We make it a priority to hire from the local community whenever possible because it‘s good for business and the right thing to do.


    We also seek to contract with local vendors whenever possible. If you are a vendor or are interested in providing a service to Google, please provide additional information through our supplier interest form. In addition, we contract with our vendor G4S for security at all our facilities. Frequently, G4S hires regionally for open positions on their website.

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    Life at Google Data Centers

    The technology in our Data Centers is groundbreaking, but the people who run them are truly remarkable.

  • Community
    • About Community

      In the community

      At Google, we’re committed to playing a positive role in every community in which we operate around the world. Through grant-making and local initiatives that utilize our tools and expertise, we will be working in Jackson County to help businesses, educational institutions, community collaboratives, nonprofits, and individuals create and thrive in a sustainable, knowledge-based economy. We are always on the lookout for opportunities for Googlers to share their time and expertise with the local community.

    • In Community

      Partnerships and events

      Google enjoys working with local organizations to sponsor community events, from promoting science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education to helping small businesses get online. To suggest ways that Google can become more involved in the community, please email jacksoncounty@google.com.

    • Community Grants

      Community grants

      When we finish building our data center, we’ll launch a formal community grants program in Jackson County that will support organizations and initiatives that focus on three issues we’re passionate about: science and technology education, carbon reduction, and access to the internet. We’re still finalizing the details of the program for this location. Once the data center is operational, please check back here for more information on how to apply and the types of grants we will make available.

    • Environment

      Green Initiatives

      Google is also committed to creating a better web that's better for the environment. We welcome proposals from data center communities that reduce carbon emissions in the immediate region, including projects that increase the renewable energy mix powering our data centers. Applicants can be nonprofit or for-profit entrepreneurs. We look for cost of generation, innovation, and total carbon reduction. You can submit proposals to jacksoncounty@google.com.