Drive more in-app purchases and installs

AdMob offers unrivaled tools to help drive in-app purchases and cross-promote your other apps using AdMob house ads. House ads are free, eliminating the need to create your own custom solution or incorporate an additional tool. Available for iOS and Android apps.

In-app purchase ads allow you to promote multiple products to maximize appeal to users.

Grow revenue with in-app purchase house ads

AdMob’s in-app purchase house ad format is a smart way to grow your IAP revenue for free. This format enables you to increase the number of in-app transactions from your users, by showing them a customized text or display ad promoting the items you want to sell. Not every user will spend in your app, so AdMob automatically figures out which of your users are likely to spend, based on Google’s proprietary data and models. You can even set a maximum number of impressions for the entire campaign (or frequency cap per user). AdMob will also show regular ads to the rest of your users - those who are unlikely to spend on IAP - helping you to maximize your revenue in an even smarter way.

When we introduced AdMob, our free applications became more profitable. Introducing in-app-purchase applications through house ads and creating revenue from them allowed us to achieve comprehensive results.
Naruatsu Baba

Naruatsu Baba
President and CEO, COLOPL, Inc

Target the right users

Use audience segmentation in Google Analytics to group your users based on the actions they take within your app, and then target them with a customized experience. This enables you to promote your IAP to those users who are most likely to purchase, and show ads to the users who are not.

Cross-promote your other apps

Drive downloads by cross-promoting your other apps free of charge with AdMob house ads. Use text or display ads to tailor your message, and maintain full control over when and where the ads appear in your app. With impression goal campaigns you can promote your friends’ apps or fulfill a direct advertising deal.

Experiment and track to maximize ROI

Experiment using different combinations of user targeting and by testing a variety of IAP offers. Use in-app conversion tracking in AdMob to attribute revenue back to your IAP promotion campaigns and determine which ones earn you the most.

Increase downloads with paid ad campaigns through AdWords, and reach users across apps, the mobile web, YouTube and Google search.

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