Win the moments that win elections.

Elections are decided over time, in countless moments that invite you to inform, inspire, and persuade voters. The more of those moments you win, the better your chances of winning on Election Day.

The Digital Battleground

Harness the power of digital media.

Excluding sports, one in three voters hasn’t watched live TV in the past week.1 With people spending more time on mobile devices, digital media has fundamentally changed how voters experience political campaigns. And the immediacy of digital media gives you countless opportunities to reach potential voters in new and meaningful ways.

For every hour voters spend watching TV, they spend 1 hour and 54 minutes online.2

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Campaign Playbook

Build, persuade, and mobilize.

From the moment voters first search for you, watch your first video, or donate to your campaign, the road to Election Day is filled with opportunities to engage and inspire like never before. Learn how digital media can help you do just that.

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Google Solutions

Solutions for every campaign.

The smartest strategies only work when they’re supported by the right tools and tactics. From reaching the voters who matter most to you, to delivering persuasive messages in the right ways, Google solutions can help.