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Help the world discover your app.

Universal app campaigns give you a simple way to promote your Android app to over one billion potential customers — no advertising experience required.

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Expand your reach, big time.

After just one setup process, your ad will reach people wherever you choose through Google search, the Google Display Network, YouTube, Google Play, and mobile sites.

No design experience required.

With universal app campaigns, we design and build your ads for you, then place multiple designs across the entire Google network. Nice and simple.

Get more value from each ad.

To increase effectiveness, Google dynamically tests each ad and promotes the designs that perform best — all with no extra work from you, and within the budget you set.

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How it works

Get started in just 10 minutes.

1.Create and customize.

In AdWords, you can choose Universal App Campaigns from the “Create a campaign” menu. Select which app you want to promote, and instantly see how your ad will look in different formats. Then type in your campaign text options.

Venture into new lands.
25 levels of quacking fun
Paddle furiously to win!
Totally customizable ducks

2.Set your budget.

Choose the locations where you’d like your ad to run, then set a daily budget and a targeted cost-per-install. Now your ads are ready to go.


3.Get results.

Behind the scenes, our ad creation and bidding engines will help boost the performance of your campaign, all within your chosen cost-per-install.

“We wanted to accelerate growth in new markets, and universal app campaigns helped achieve that goal in a simple and scalable way.”
Andrew Touchstone - Director of Marketing, Strava