Attribute success across channels.

Adometry by Google solves the complex challenge of integrating, measuring, and optimizing marketing data across all channels — both online and offline — so you can generate actionable insights that improve ROI.

“We are seeing great results... my new budget just came down and fortunately, I was able to use the data to make different decisions than I would have last year.”
Lewis Broadnax, Executive Director Web Sales & Marketing, Lenovo


Harness insights. Enhance performance.

Adometry by Google enables you to gain a holistic view of what’s driving performance within and across all of your channels, so you can guide and improve your marketing decisions.

  • Comprehensive

    See the big picture across all channels.

    Use cross-channel attribution, marketing mix modeling, and TV attribution to provide an unprecedented understanding of your marketing performance across all channels, online and offline, regardless of the data source. Adometry by Google delivers the clarity and insights needed to make informed decisions by seamlessly integrating all of our data into one holistic view.

  • Intelligent

    Reveal insights with best-in-class methodology.

    Gain a new level of visibility into the customer journey with sophisticated algorithms that process first- and third-party data, analyzing each and every conversion sequence to reveal the true value, or “lift”, of each one. This advanced methodology enables you to make cross-channel decisions and drive greater returns on marketing investments.

  • Actionable

    Use insights to drive action.

    Get the insights you need to plan and build a better campaign in the future and the marketing recommendations to fine-tune campaign spending right now. Whether it’s leveraging our world-class services teams to consult on your top-line business strategies or using one of our platform connections to create automatic efficiencies, Adometry by Google works to expand your reach and speed your time-to-value.

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