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Filament | Automatic insights for growing blogs

Google Analytics tells you what happened on your blog. Filament tells you why & what to do about it. By listening to your blog's traffic patterns, sharing & visitor behavior, Filament generates automatic tips to improve the performance of your content with less time and effort.

Filament is an analytics tool for blogs that actually tells you how to write better content and where to promote it.

Instead of simply reporting the numbers like traditional website analytics tools, Filament saves you time by recommending next steps, and displays them in intuitive single-screen reports for each of your posts. By combining your Google Analytics data with other critical missing metrics for blogs, like social shares, traffic quality and scroll depth, Filament helps you easily answer tough questions like:

-» Which posts are my best, and which ones need help?
-» Which social networks should I focus promoting my content on?
-» Which referrers are sending me the best-quality traffic?
-» Who's promoting my posts, and...
-» What should I write more of?

Setup takes just a couple of minutes. See what Filament can tell you about your blog!

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Created: Nov 11, 2015 | Updated: Oct 05, 2016


Better blogging through better insights

As a person who's used to sifting through the billions of numbers GA presents, Filament has been a joy to use. It presents information to me in an efficient manner and shaves a lot of time and labor off of the normal analytics grind that I'm used to performing when improving my blog.
Jess | Dec. 9, 2015

Game Changer

We don't have a ton of resources, so Filament is a great addition for our small team. Turning Google Analytics into actionable insight! Bravo gents!
Danny | Dec. 8, 2015

Makes My Life SO Much Easier

Filament makes it so much easier for me to figure out what content is performing well (and why). It helps me interpret my Google Analytics stats so that I can take the appropriate action. It has saved me so much time. I am trying to make checking Filament part of my daily blogging routine. Thank you, Filament!
daisyuys | Dec. 7, 2015

A new take on distilling the important questions

When I share content on Linked In, Twitter, or Facebook, it can be tricky to figure out which preformed the best. Even more complex: "Of the shares that got a click, which converted the best?" These are the kinds of questions that Filament's engagement metrics makes it easier to figure out. I love being able to ask which my best and worst performing pages last month were. This is amazingly useful info that augments the regular gamut of GA data.
Jamie | Dec. 2, 2015

A simple, beautiful, actionable analytics tool.

What I love about Filament is how it takes massive data and numbers and metrics and makes simple, digestible, actionable recommendations to optimize my site. GA is a great engine beneath this, but the layer of Filament makes it a tool I can use daily and not be overwhelmed by the data that doesn't matter to me. It also happens to be a beautiful user interface and I love looking a beautiful things. Awesome work, guys. Thank you!
Brad | Dec. 2, 2015

Simple way to understand something so complex

What good are analytics platforms if they're too complicated to help me understand simply what's working with my content and what isn't working. This allows me to spend the rest of my time producing targeted and effective changes. Rather than spending my valuable time wrestling my tool.
David | Dec. 2, 2015

Great for Content and Inbound Marketers!

I've been using Filament for a couple months now as a way to measure the effectiveness of my content. I love being able to get daily metrics on how engaged my users are and where my traffic is coming to. I use the information about post performance and referrals to make sure I'm getting the most out of my social media marketing. I highly recommend Filament to any content marketer.
SamAnderson41 | Dec. 2, 2015

Great Analytics Tool

Indispensable content marketing tool. So many useful insights, tips and a must have for a blog that matters.
Marketing Bamboo | Dec. 1, 2015

Metrics that matter

I love seeing my top posts by engagement, this lets me know where to put my efforts. It also gives me tips on what I should do next.
Dan | Nov. 30, 2015

traffic + shares = happiness

All the info in one place, ammmmazing! Easy to set up, easy to use, love it.
nate | Nov. 30, 2015

I use it weekly, and love it.

I use Filament to help me manage the blog I help oversee. It's been an amazing tool to help me understand what's going well and what's going really well, and of course, what's stinkin'. So it's a win:win:win. You know? Because I'm not super techy, I've always been impressed with Filament's Team and their ability to quickly field questions from me with solutions. I'm always so thankful for the daily reports, too, because I honestly have zero time to attempt to get GA certified. I love Filament.
Lauren | Nov. 30, 2015

Great, intuitive tool

As a designer, I want to know how my designs are doing. When I did a blog redesign recently, the key metric for us to track was engagement. Google analytics wasn't cutting it and too complicated to set up complicated metrics. After using Filament, I was astounded at the ease and power that it offered. I recommend Filament to all of my clients and look forward to the future of user data analytics.
Cody | Nov. 30, 2015