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T5 is a free solution dedicated to Romanian websites to share and compare their Google Analytics data with other websites. This application classifies each website and exports a subset of data from Google Analytics to create custom category benchmarks. is an application that reads statistics (visitors, visits, page views, new visits, time on site, entries, exits and bounces) from your Google Analytics account , using GA Data Export API, without any access to users’ login data. If there is more then one website associated with the same google account, the owner can choose for what websites he wants to use the T5 solution. also includes a widget that allows webmasters to display a summary of their website traffic on the last 6 months, illustrated in a line chart. The data updates automatically, so they can be sure that they won’t be publishing expired or irrelevant information. Along with the line chart, the widget also includes a table with unique visitors, visits, page views and time on site for the last 6 months.

Around 40 millions unique visitors and 200 million page views are reported monthly for the websites monitored by T5 service via Google Analytics Export API.

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Created: Apr 09, 2010 | Updated: Jun 20, 2016


really neat tool

i just want to say thank you to the guys that developed this tool. i`m so happy what i can show my statistics using google analytics and not some other slow tracking website.
xReferat | Jan. 14, 2011

Very simple interface

That's what I like about T5, it's easy to use and it gives me the basic information that I need for my website stats.
cnimigean | Dec. 13, 2010

a great product for comparing any site

not just from romania, but from all over the world ... is as global as google ;) ... where google traking goes, comes also T5 ! it's so easy to use that one might think that's not true :d you should give it a try even if you're not from romania, or not owning a romanian market focused entity ... just plain, fair & square ;)
iulian.basescu | Dec. 13, 2010

Just great

Very great and very useful!
edgetwism | June 24, 2010

Great app!

Best public statistics app in .ro! Go boys! Keep up the good work!
prologue.advertising | June 11, 2010

Thumbs up!

Great and really easy to use application :)
playstopthemusic | June 10, 2010


It is very good, and I recommend it to others.
crismblog | June 10, 2010

great tool!

Evolutica succeeded in making an exceptional tool Altough the Romanian market had lots of alternatives the opportunity to compare one's website with the competition using Google Analytics data is tremendous! Congrats, guys and keep up the good work!
gboaca | June 10, 2010

Useful Tool

I use it on my site to see the difference between my stats and other competitors using Google Analytics data. Great tool for Romanian web sites!
scntv | May 26, 2010

Useful tool

I'm using T5 on my website and I'm glad to say that it is a very easy to use application, even by novices.
ella | May 7, 2010