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Pocket Analytics

Visualize your analytics data from multiple accounts and multiple sources in one convenient app. Create any number of dashboards to view your data - mix and match metrics to create meaningful bird's-eye-views of your data. Google Analytics, appFigures, Piwik, Facebook, YouTube, and more!

Access analytics data from multiple sources in a single app, right on your iPhone.

Pocket Analytics provides access to a your accounts on a variety of 3rd party services, allowing convenient, succinct access to:

+ App store data from appFigures;
+ App analytics from Flurry & Google Analytics;
+ Website analytics from Google Analytics, GoSquared, Piwik, Clicky, & StatCounter;
+ Link sharing metrics from Bitly & AddThis;
+ Social insights from Facebook Insights;
+ Uptime information from Pingdom; and
+ Video analytics from YouTube Analytics

• Create any number of custom dashboards - create as many tabs in the app as you like - each with a name and icon you specify.

• Mix and match metrics from any combination of accounts and services - put your sales data from appFigures next to your average session time from Flurry, next to your web visitors from Piwik.

• View only the data you want, how you want it - you control what you see, and the order that you see it in.

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Created: May 23, 2013 | Updated: Nov 09, 2015



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