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Seer Interactive is an industry leading digital marketing agency founded in 2002 with offices in Philadelphia & San Diego. Seer Interactive believes in doing a few things, and doing them well, which translates to outstanding services and innovation across Analytics, SEO, & PPC

As a data driven digital marketing agency, Seer focuses on audience driven approaches for Analytics, SEO and PPC. By using extensive data and research, Seer is able to generate actionable insights through integrated digital strategies, comprehensive measurement, and analysis.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States


Seer Interactive

Created: Mar 28, 2016 | Updated: Dec 22, 2016


Exceptional Expertise and Customer Service

SEER helped our small liberal arts college properly install Google Analytics tracking across a range of web domains, train our central Communications staff in navigating dashboards, and begin to analyze the efficacy of our content in preparation for website redesign. Our account rep is fantastic--knowledgable, responsive, and strategic. Highly recommend!
C Kite | Dec. 22, 2016

Exceptional knowledge and support

The Seer Analytics team helped manage the tricky transitional period in our company where we closed the loop between our newly built, bespoke CRM and recently updated website. The support and knowledge they offered was exceptional, helping the whole project run smoothly and efficiently. Our tracking is now watertight and thanks to their help, we can now measure our data more effectively!
James, SCP | April 8, 2016

Great SEO and Analytics Team

SEER has been instrumental in providing best practices and during our recent website upgrade. In addition, they've been very helpful with digging deep into the details to help us ferret out the inevitable issues that come with launching a new website. Their SEO and Analytics knowledge is both wide and deep and they'll work with you to make sure you understand it.
Tom Abbott | April 4, 2016

How you know you have a good business partner...

There is not head of the table when you work with SEER. Sure they know their stuff, and as their client, we know ours too. But that fact doesn't dictate the conversations we have with them. They have always shown a keen interest in learning our business (just as we have in learning theirs). It makes for a very satisfying and prosperous business engagement.
markwshafer | April 4, 2016

Financial Servcies Org.

We have worked with several SEO/Analytics vendors, and of all of them, Seer has done the best job in understanding our needs. Given that "big data" can be rather complex, their ability to listen, and then explain, and interpret what the data means has been very revealing. Thank you seer and great job!
GJB | March 31, 2016

Phenomenal digital agency

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Seer Analytics, SEO and PPC teams for a little over a decade and their work is top-notch. The Seer Analytics team recently supported us with our closed-loop analytics project and they made a very difficult process go very smoothly; from training to development and everything in between. I would recommend Seer to anyone looking to get a leg up on their competition in the digital space.
Jeff Davis | March 31, 2016

Highly Recommend

I have partnered with Seer at multiple organizations for a variety of consulting engagements in SEO and PPC and was very pleased when they chose to add Analytics to their expertise for clients. Seer has been a tremendous resource for me as an Analytics outsource to streamline internal and external reporting, interpret and provide actionable insights from reports, develop dashboards, audit and evaluate existing analytics setups, and recommend new analytics platforms.
Kevin Smith | March 31, 2016

Fantastic Service

We used SEER at Mount Holyoke College to help us set up analytics dashboards that showed meaningful data tied to our institutional objectives. SEER's expertise, business practices, and customer service could not have been better. We continue to recommend them to others and will definitely use their services again in the future. | March 31, 2016