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Retroactive Conversion Funnels, eCommerce Reports with a focus on profit and ROI, Landing Pages Reports that are easy to grasp and act on. Reports that help you find key business insights hidden within your analytics data with only a few clicks and with our easy to use segmentation options.

Why Choose PadiTrack Reports?

# It's really really easy to setup
PadiTrack is fully integrated with Google Analytics. No need to add any tracking codes to your website and data will be available to you instantly. It takes less than a minute to setup.

# Magical Retroactive Analysis
Set up a PadiTrack account and you will have access to reports that take into account all the data you gathered since you’ve installed Google Analytics.

# Find Key Business Insights In a Few Clicks
Our reports helps you find key business insights hidden within your analytics data with only a few clicks and with our useful segmentation options.

# Web Analytics Reports Designed For Humans
Our reports are so easy to follow, any decision maker in any company can look at them and understand right away what needs to be done. Save time, energy and make yourself look like a hero by using our reports.

App Details

Created: Aug 04, 2010 | Updated: Oct 26, 2016


This services was discontinued

The site is also unreachable. | Oct. 26, 2016

This should be built into GA in the first place

tends to be very slow. You may need to set-up all the segments in GA first, which if you are trying to segment a funnel by a variable with many possible values could take you quite a long time.
barry mann | March 28, 2011

Intuitive and helpful

This functionality should be built into GA directly. After some initial struggles when it first launched, Paditrack now works great and it is very helpful for us to analyze various funnels in our sites.
spanishgringo | Oct. 4, 2010

No more connecting issues

We got to the bottom of a nasty bug that was not allowing some users to connect PadiTrack to Google Analytics. Now it should work seamless. Looking forward to hearing your feedback on PadiTrack.
PadiTrack | Sept. 16, 2010

No problems - Great app!

I installed the app and had a fairly complex funnel created within 5 minutes. No problems installing, linking to Google Analytics, finding profiles or creating reports. The application generates excellent conversion funnel data displays. I showed my boss a funnel for a new campaign we just started and she was thrilled. This is a great app!
Greg Owens | Aug. 25, 2010

Doesn't work

Shows no profiles. Waste of time.
lpage | Aug. 11, 2010

work in progress

It's a cool concept and I know others are working on something similar like KISS Metrics. The ability to apply segments to ad hoc funnels is very much needed.
Shilo Jones | Aug. 10, 2010

no profiles

unable to find any profiles...
ctuller83 | Aug. 10, 2010

Found no profiles....

When i connected to GA it was unable to find any profiles... can't go any further with it. Doesn't seem to be any way to 'reconnect' with GA, or get any help with set up.
xeixie | Aug. 10, 2010

Can't Create and Account

Tried to sign up, but the form wouldn't accept my email address. Apparently it's not valid.
freeridenick | Aug. 10, 2010

Google "analitics"

When trying to connect, Paditrack says "We found no profiles in your Google Analitics Account" (which I have plenty) and the misspelling isn't that impressive.
spelanalys | Aug. 10, 2010

It works great!

I've tested it and it worked really great! Just what I needed for tracking conversions! And it's freeeeeee! Keep up the good work!
martongergo | Aug. 5, 2010