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Ask your website visitors anything you like using state of the art survey technology that supports both desktops, tablets and smartphones. Combine all survey results with your Google Analytics and get more insight into the performance and potential of your business.

UserReport allows you to get user demographics like age, gender, income, as well as satisfaction scores directly into your Google Analytics reports. Get answers to questions like – do women bounce more than men on your site? Does a high net worth person buy more on your site?
The combination of behavioral and social data allows you to target traffic acquisition, content and conversion to your audience. GA allows you to build your own demographic and behavioral segments.

UserReport enables you to target your specific content to your audience. Using GA's familiar reporting interface, you can measure your audience and optimize traffic acquisition, content and conversion.

UserReport enables you to combine GA data with UserReport survey data, including: Age, gender, income, education, occupation and satisfaction on 10 usability parameters. Even segment your GA data with survey questions you define yourself.

UserReport is free and supports both desktops, tablets and smartphones.

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- sec.test.seed2 - Nov. 18, 2015
Userreport - reliable App
- Egor Nagorny - June 20, 2014
I have started to use this App due to my friend's feedback, he said that I could make my site better and cloud get more many using it's Analytics, and also he mentioned that it is free and there are no troubles with implementation, so I have decided to try it and Userreport came up to my expectation.
Just a survey tool
- valeam - Oct. 10, 2013
A (nice) survey tool.
This is just a survey app! Fake reviews?
- joe - April 30, 2013
They don't say it anywhere until you sign up, but to use the service you have to include their survey in the middle of your website. I certainly wouldn't bother my customers with such stuff. The company should be more forthcoming initially. Also, once you sign up, there is no way to remove your account. (and take a look at all those 5 star reviews, they all sort of sound the same, don't they?)
Pretty cool!
- Christopher Forsythe - Feb. 1, 2013
Thanks for the nice addition for google analytics. It helps to define and analyse your target audience in more easy way.
I like it!
- kirill.staroverov - Feb. 1, 2013
One of the best app for Digital Marketing Manager. It's so easy to use!!!
Great tool
- Peter - Jan. 10, 2013
I am old user of UserReport and I am excited how they develop. From simple surveying system it has grown to powerfull analytics tool. I am really happy with it. Google Analytics integration + email collection allows me to target different audience in my email campaigns. It gives perfect results. Feedback forum and clickmaps are great additions.
Easy to use, yet powerful app
- Eli - Jan. 10, 2013
A great application for those, who are starting to get acquainted with Google Analytics, and for sophisticated professionals. It helps a lot to find out who should you target in the campaigns, or just to find out which aspect of your website should be improved.
Excellent integration with GA
- David - Jan. 7, 2013
It's really great that you get the most important data from Google Analytics imported to UserReport. Gives a great overview and ability to segment this data by a the answers to your online survey.
Novel approach
- Thomas Ahler - Dec. 5, 2012
I have experienced that the tranfer of data from Google Analytics into Usereport can be a bit slow - but the results are worth waiting for. It is really amazing to be able to tabulate the classic GA stats with a layer of demographics and my own ad hoc questions. I have not seen this in any other tool. The app seems to be really well made. Amazed that it is free tool!