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Analytify WordPress Plugin

Analytify makes Google Analytics SIMPLE enough for WordPress users that anyone can understand and see what is happening on their websites. It Shows Statistics in wp-admin and frontend Posts/Pages and in dashboard for the whole site. It offers Events tracking, E-commerce tracking Add-ons etc

“This plugin is extremely powerful because it takes the complex nature and navigation of the Google Analytics dashboard interface and makes it simple as simple can be. Having what this plugin provides, understandable breakdowns of your site’s traffic is powerful. The power is that even the average site admin and inexperienced Google Analytics person can clearly see how to optimize their site effectively. If you are a site manager of any client, this is a no brainer plugin to buy. The value it adds to you, your service and your client is priceless.”

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Created: Sep 03, 2014 | Updated: Nov 30, 2015


Awesome Plugin

I really like this plugin because of user interface..No waste of time to find any thing.Every thing in one place...
khubbaib | Sept. 13, 2014

Awesome UI

I love how the stats are displayed under the posts and pages and at dashboard page. Really a cool User experience.
az.chughtai9 | Sept. 11, 2014