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NEXT Analytics software downloads web and social media data. It has a built-in in-memory analytic engine that converts data, integrating multiple sources, and adds value that makes it easier to make awesome reports and dashboards with reporting and visualization tools such as Google Data Studio.

People use NEXT Analytics software to download data and prepare it for visualization and reporting tools such as Google Data Studio, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Microsoft Office, Google Sheets, and Google Drive. It extracts data from Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook and Facebook Ads, Instragram, Bing, CSV files, SQL Queries, Twitter, and YouTube. It easily converts large volumes of data into business intelligence data by using an in-memory analytic engine. It is particularly good at handling complex environments with multiple web accounts and views, complex combinations of segments, and large volume. All processing can be fully automated.

The software is installed locally on your own computer (Windows or Mac) which makes your data completely secure and independent of any data source. Also, there's no need to upload your data anywhere, you can just bring their data to your computer.

There is a free version, as well as a reasonably priced PRO version.

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Created: May 08, 2014 | Updated: Oct 30, 2017


Great tool and team support

I highly recommend.
Gabriel Valadares | Oct. 30, 2017

Great support service

Very quick response and detailed explanation
pingshi711 | Aug. 4, 2017

5* service

very quick and efficient service, top quality. brilliant software and very helpful for my research | July 31, 2017

Great support

Awesome support! Fast & helpful
EM | July 28, 2017

Life can be easyer...

The perfect tool for a Web Analyst /Business Analyst. The automatization of "simple" reports became very easy and you don't need IT services to pull the data via API, to record it in DateWareHouse to explore it after with a complex tool. You became autonomous! One of the best points of NA is the Customer Support they help you really fast and they put "all in" to solve your problem. There are a lot of tools like NextAnalytics but NA is the one. I'm going for the 3rd yearly suscription. | July 12, 2017

Fast response time and thorough

I sent an email in this morning, and before you knew it, I received a response. I was expecting it to be at least two business days before receiving a response. Very quick and extremely knowledgeable!
harryturpin77 | July 6, 2017

awesome support

every question get's answered within very short time - i'm so thankfulL!
Bastian.Sarott | June 26, 2017

Very useful service and great support

The kind of software I like ! The software has some buttons that don't work, so it needs an update, but there are very cool features which work very well ! The features are diversified. Very good support ! | May 19, 2017

Great support

Great and fast support, very usefull product/service.
Radoslaw Jasieniecki | April 6, 2017

Highly Recommended

I love NEXT's plugin. We use it when we need to pull in a massive amount of data (e.g. hundreds of thousands, or millions of rows of data). It's super stable and pretty powerful.
David Jaeger | Oct. 10, 2016

Really great support

We have been using the tool for over a year and encountered a minor issue. I emailed Next Analytics support and they responded to my issue very quickly. I would definitely recommend this product and their service.
nkl | April 11, 2016

Great tool, Great service, Great price

I was weary of yet another Excel answer to importing GA and social media data, but NEXT has exceeded my expectations. They have a great tool to help you get what you need, amazing support, and the price cannot be beat. This is a truly legit company and product for getting data into your server or simply in your hands for manipulation. The ONLY minor negative thing is that there is a bit of a learning curve and it can be tricky. But with their great customer service you'll be fine! Try it!!!
BW | Sept. 28, 2015