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Mavenec is a Google Analytics 360 Authorized Reseller located in Warsaw, Poland. Smart companies take advantage of our location to get more work done and achieve higher quality. Why do companies love us? When asked, our clients put it best about us: “You guys deliver!”. It’s true. We deliver.

Deciding on Google Analytics Premium is a serious matter. Picking the right partner to provide you with the license, world class support and services is of the utmost importance. Mavenec has an unbeatable offer to suit your needs - backed up with bullet-proof guarantees. Check it out on our website.

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Warszawa, Mazowieckie, Poland
+1 (646) 893 1230

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Created: May 07, 2014 | Updated: Jun 15, 2016


E-commerce Web Analyst, Conrad Electronic

We have teamed up with Mavenec to conduct a Google Analytics audit that was followed by a robust implementation. Mavenec's team delivered the project in a swift manner that met our highest expectations. What I did enjoyed the most was their style of rapid communication and problem-solving approach. Without hesitation I can recommend Mavenec as a team of experts who know Google Analytics and GTM inside out. | April 29, 2016

Realash Cosmetics

Mieliśmy przyjemność pracować wspólnie przy wielu projektach. Nasza współpraca przebiega wzorowo - zespół Conversion jest solidnie przygotowany do pracy z klientem, a na podstawie analiz zawsze proponuje ciekawe zmiany i w 90% te zmiany działają na plus. Praca przebiega wg harmonogramu, co jest ogromną zaletą! Szczerze polecam.
Paulina Kostanek | April 11, 2016

E-commerce Analytics Team Leader, TME

480.000 transactions are placed yearly on our website. They amount for 74% of overall turnover of our company. We have faced a challenge of a robust migration from Urchin to Google Analytics and picked Mavenec as our migration partner. Mavenec's team was highly engaged in the project and responded quickly to all the challenges. I appreciate the swiftness of communication and their highest level of knowledge. It was a great decision to onboard Mavenec and I highly recommend them as a company.
Mariusz Trzonek | April 11, 2016

Marketing Director, Legia Warsaw

Our collaboration with Mavenec was a pleasure. Mavenec’s experts handled the implementation and configuration of Google Analytics without mishap. Now we are able to make data-driven decisions and leverage data from all of our digital channels. Moreover, we possessed tons of priceless know-how. Mavenec is a trustworthy business partner characterized by professionalism, superior knowledge of Google tools and extraordinary skills that stem from many years of experience. They clearly deliver!
Wiktor Cegla | March 10, 2016

ex Gazeta Wyborcza

I had an indisputable pleasure to work with Mavenec team on digital paywall of Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper project. These guys are true professionals, they know everything about conversion and monetization funnel. They are also really smart in recognition of client needs and they deliver what's promised. I highly value cooperation with Mavatec. It gave us not only tools, but also injected top-class know-how into our organization. I can definitely recommend these guys.
Michal Gwiazdowski | Feb. 25, 2016


Choosing Mavenec, we expected consulting to help the development of our digital analytics. And they did exactly what we needed – they offered a reporting system that covered our information panel, an alert system and customised panels. Thanks to this solution, key people in our company have quick access to key metrics and reports. We can recommend Mavenec as experts in digital analytics. The whole team deserves recognition for their superior skills!!
Barbara Matkowsksa-Włosek | Feb. 18, 2016


After the successful implementation of digital analytics, I can tell that choosing Mavenec was a good decision. We had properly configured tools to collect data from websites and tailor-made dashboards which informed us about changes in KPIs (devised during workshops with Mavenec). In addition, numerous training sessions and development of the proper data analysis processes showed us how data could be transformed into actions that could increase the value of the company. I recommend these guys!
Paweł Szczepaniec | Feb. 12, 2016

Ecomm Manager

The Mavenec team are true professionals – our project consisted of a wide series of both qualitative and quantitative analyses as well as an audit of our Google Analytics set-up. One of the results of our collaboration which deserves the most credit was a dashboard showing metrics which are unavailable in Google Analytics. Mavenec is an exemplary and competent business partner, which I can unhesitatingly recommend for conversion rate optimization and digital analytics projects.
Jakub Milewski | Feb. 11, 2016


Some of the effects of our collaboration with Mavenec include solid, relevant data from Google Analytics as well as savings generated thanks to Google Tag Manager (a tool which took the weight off our IT department). Therefore we strongly recommend Mavenec. We are very satisfied with the way the project was conducted. Mavenec’s business approach is particular noteworthy – their experts thoroughly analyzed our needs and offered the most effective, perfectly tailored solutions. | Feb. 9, 2016

Limango Poland

We have collaborated with Mavenec on projects connected with the implementation of new digital analytics solutions at Limango Poland. During our collaboration, Mavenec’s experts provided us with high quality business consulting, spot-on expert reports, efficient communication, bold initiatives as well as both professional and highly practical training. We recommend Mavenec as a trustworthy partner with the highest competencies and a deep understanding of business.
Konrad Wojciechowski | Feb. 8, 2016

AmeriGas Polska

The Mavenec team carried out a full Google Analytics audit and set-up on our website The project covered all of the subdomains as well as the mobile version of the website. Because of this, we are now sure that our analytics tool is gathering the correct and reliable data. Apart from carrying out the Google Analytics audit and set-up, the Mavenec team has also managed to make it easier for us to leverage the data we are gathering.
Paweł Dzięgielewski | Feb. 8, 2016

opinion - Mavenec

The work assigned to Mavenec was carried out at the highest level. Both their professionalism and extensive engagement were present throughout the entire project (which lasted a few months because of its complexity and our expectations). Many times, Mavenec’s experts confirmed their considerable competence, as well as their superior knowledge of digital analytics. As a company that values professionalism, we can recommend Mavenec without any hesitation.
R. Kordus | Feb. 8, 2016