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Supermetrics Data Grabber for Excel

Supermetrics Data Grabber is a user-friendly report automation and analysis tool that gets all your data into one place and saves you a lot of time. Great for automating regular reporting, and especially useful if you're tracking many sites. It's extremely powerful yet simple to use.

►EASY-TO-USE: Supermetrics Data Grabber makes it easy and fast to produce great-looking Analytics reports with a user-friendly interface.
►MULTI-ACCOUNT REPORTING: Simple to get data for a large number of Analytics accounts. You can even log in simultaneously with multiple Analytics users.
►SUPER-FLEXIBLE: You're not restricted to a set of predefined report types - SMDG lets you freely pick any metrics and decide how you want them split.
►DESIGNED FOR NON-TECHNICAL USERS: It's easy to run advanced reports, and SMDG automatically creates great-looking visualizations based on your data. You don't need to be an Excel wizard to produce stunning reports!
►LINKS WITH POWERPOINT: Sharing reports is simple, as SMDG turns your reports into PowerPoint presentations by the press of a button.
►ALL YOUR DATA IN ONE PLACE: SMDG can also access AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Google Webmaster Tools

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Created: May 05, 2010 | Updated: Nov 29, 2016


Must have tool

Must have tool for anyone, client or agency side, that needs to pull PPC or GA data to manipulate in Excel. Perfect for dashboards.
Bryan | June 7, 2016

Great tool

Cuts down reporting time to a fraction and is really easy to use - great tool! | June 7, 2016

Really Valueable Tool!

This tool helped us save loads of hours for setting up KPI reports in excel. Great also for many ad-hoc analysis. Especially the option to select multiple profiles (views) gives this tool an advantage when wanting to see more complex reports which would be much more time consuminng to do with the web-interface.
leander | Feb. 10, 2014

Massive Reports, in seconds!

Datagrabber is one of the smarter tools I've ever used. With a large amount of profiles (far more than 50) benchmark analysis are easy and fast! Editing the Query Storage let me build custom dashboards easy to use even for newbies of GADG!
Iolao | Jan. 9, 2014

Nicely done!

Great charting and flexibility, easy-to-use, responsive support - highly recommended!
Brian Alpert | Dec. 24, 2013

Simplifying Data Collection

I've never looked forward to my monthly reporting because I've dreaded the exercise of data collection. Tedious and time consuming, but always necessary. Enter Supermetrics Data Grabber. A fast tool that makes data collection simply. You don't quite understand the Google API? Don't worry, the way the interface is designed you'll make more sense of it. Highly recommended to make your data collection easier, so you can actually focus on the analysis.
Benjamin | Nov. 20, 2013

Sooooo helpful! Thank you!

The GA Data Grabber helped us extremely with analyzing data from Google Analytics. Especially combining performance data from several web channels with Google Analytics goals without any manual copying saved an incredible amount of time and resources. Having all KPIs in one single spreadsheet is just great!
Daniel | Nov. 18, 2013

An Incredible Tool

As a user who has always done a lot of exporting from Google Analytics to dress up data and create custom formatted charts, this tool is flat out amazing. If you haven't checked it out, do so now.
nicole.scheid | Nov. 6, 2013

Can't Live Without It

As a tool that rapidly and accurately pulls data right into Excel, it frees me up to actually think about the data rather than spend my time pulling it. I can't recommend it enough.
Shahzad | Sept. 19, 2013

Amazing tool

Anonymous | Aug. 29, 2013

Fantastic GA Tool

I manage hundreds of different sites under a variety of profiles. This tool works wonders for allowing me to pull relevant data in a matter of seconds. What used to take me days to complete I can now complete in a few minutes. When it comes to comparing metrics between profiles or groups of profiles, it works like a charm. I cannot recommend this tool enough.
Clint | Aug. 20, 2013

The Best GA Tool Out There

GA Data Grabber has completely changed the way I interact with Google Analytics. Assembling complex reports now takes a fraction of the time, and updating them is much easier and faster than in the past. Extremely affordable too. Constant updates ensure access to new features, and the team is responsive to feedback and social cries for help. If you use Google Analytics to pull actionable reports and make data-driven decisions, you should absolutely be using GA Data Grabber.
Cliff Karklin | Aug. 13, 2013