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Google Analytics URL Builder Chrome extension

This extension is a hyper version of Google Analytics URL Builder and tag URL's to be tracked in Google Analytics Campaign reports.

Awesome features:
- Read current web address automatically.
- Huge time saver! Create and manage pre-configured sets of tags that suits your common usage.
- You can set a pre-defined tag set as default, so you get a complete tagged URL without doing anything!
- Create URL's from your personal Bitly account using a most secure official Bitly API. No password needed!
- Auto generate the final URL
- Copy to clipboard button!
- Import/Export quick-sets for backups or sharing among employees for usage standardization.
- Extremely fast!

App Details

Created: Apr 14, 2012 | Updated: Jun 20, 2016


Such an excellent tool

Such an excellent tool
AlexVasMCC | Jan. 5, 2016

Awesome features...

Creating tag sets - that's what bought me :-) 2 seconds to share an item, no worries about tagging standartization. Well done!
Jamal | June 9, 2013

Best extension for marketers!!

Great extension, saves tons of times! TNX
Elishia | June 9, 2013


I'm working with this extension for a long time, and what I love the most is the automatic URL snap form my browser and the auto copy to clipboard. Thanks for this time saver extension :-)
Michael | May 9, 2012

Absolutly genious!

the pre-sets option makes the work process flow flawlessly with out making embarassing mistakes. No more tagging a group of links of the same campaign with different speeling, upper/lower case letters etc. smooth... I enjoy this extension very much indeed.
Kfir Lev Sinai | April 18, 2012


Simple to use and smart!
Carolyn | April 18, 2012

Great time saver!

The option to create your own sets is great! I worked with the original Google Analytics URL builder for long time but it was to tedious, and even smart excel spreadsheets were too much to handle. This extension is a killer :-)
Ran | April 18, 2012