Analytics Importer

PowerMyAnalytics - Jan 02, 2014 - (17)
Import Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini, Faceook and other advertising cost data into Google Analytics! Upload cost and transaction data into your Google Analytics account. Push offline sales (phone orders, etc.) into GA. Free version available. Automated services start at $9.95/month.

Analytics Canvas

nModal Solutions Inc. - Oct 09, 2010 - (18)
Canvas extends the capabilities of individuals and teams by letting them perform efficient, accurate and reliable analysis. For standard and premium accounts, eliminate sampling, access and analyze multiple accounts at once, automate routine processes, update dashboards, write to databases and more.


ShufflePoint - Apr 14, 2010 - (11)
ShufflePoint allows marketing analysts to create customized and fully automated reports. ShufflePoint pulls data from well known digital platforms, allowing users to mix & match custom reports using the most ubiquitous data tool available - Microsoft Excel - now made even more powerful with Power BI


OWOX - Jun 05, 2014 - (9)
OWOX BI ROI helps you configure daily automatic cost data upload to Google Analytics. Check ROAS metric for each of your advertising campaigns in Google Analytics reports and increase their efficiency.

OWOX BI Streaming

OWOX - Jun 19, 2015 - (7)
OWOX BI Streaming collects unsampled data that was sent to Google Analytics into Google BigQuery, in real time, for all account types.

Google Analytics Excel Plugin

Tatvic - Apr 06, 2010 - (7)
Tatvic Excel plugin can extract data from Google Analytics & Adwords API into excel. Users can setup one time Dashboard with Tatvic & refresh it multiple times with different date ranges, views, accounts. There is a forever free plan for starters & for advanced users it starts at $29 a month.


Navegg - May 30, 2012 - (3)
With Navegg´s audience targeting solution you can have your website’s audience segmented into 9 smart criteria, such as demographic data, interests, purchase intent and target each visitor with the best offers or content.

Supermetrics Uploader

Supermetrics - Oct 21, 2012 - (2)
Set up an automatic daily cost data upload from Facebook Ads or Bing Ads into Google Analytics, or upload CSV files from any data source. You can then see the cost and ROI of all your advertising campaigns in GA.

Dataddo Google Analytics connector

Dataddo - May 27, 2015 - (2)
Dataddo Google Analytics connector enhances the capabilities of Google Analytics by allowing advanced data extraction, data consolidation across multiple accounts, integration with other business data or automated data extraction.


Beacon Technologies, Inc. - Jan 23, 2015 - (1)
GAFUSION™ simplifies the complicated process of matching offline transactions to individual users on your website. Now you can easily attribute offline sales to your paid search, organic efforts, email marketing, and other digital marketing efforts for more comprehensive attribution and ROI models.