Infinity Call Tracking for Google Analytics

Infinity Tracking - Oct 05, 2011 - (108)
Infinity Call Tracking is now available in over 50 countries and has the most advanced Universal Analytics integration available. It will not only send phone call data into GA but also custom dimensions about the call, like length, rating or your own custom dimensions passed through from your site.


CallRail - Dec 19, 2014 - (58)
CallRail provides call tracking and analytics to more than 40,000 businesses across North America. Attribute calls from online and offline campaigns, view which channels drive conversions, and merge data with Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Click To Call, and more than 700 integrations.

WhatConverts Call Tracking and Analytics

WhatConverts - Mar 02, 2015 - (27)
Call tracking is the center piece of the WhatConverts solution for agencies and companies that want to see the complete marketing picture. However, we go beyond phone call tracking to track all marketing through phone calls, web forms, and e-commerce transactions.

Easy Call Tracker

PowerMyAnalytics - Oct 12, 2010 - (27)
Easy Call Tracker is the only call tracking system that: 1) Works with US Domestic and International Phone Numbers 2) Reports Phone Call Revenue Directly in Google Analytics 3) Low Set Monthly Price Starting at $9.95/month – No Additional “Hidden Charges”


Convirza - Feb 14, 2012 - (27)
Convirza is the only call marketing optimization platform combining advanced call tracking, deep conversation analytics, and workflow-based marketing automation. Convirza helps sales and marketing analyze and act on calls to generate more revenue and improve customer experience.

KeyMetric Call Analytics

KeyMetric Analytics - Aug 04, 2014 - (22)
Nearly 65% of all online visits result in a phone call. So it just makes sense to track your inbound phone calls and conversions with the same depth of intelligence as your online engagements and conversions right? We agree - so we built the worlds' most usable call tracking and call analytics tool.

Call Convert by Century Interactive

Century Interactive - Oct 20, 2010 - (15)
Calls are 3 times more likely to convert than any other lead. That's why Owning the Phone is more important than ever. However, Owning the Phone is more than just confident conversations. It means measuring what you manage so you can have smarter conversations that benefit you and your customers.


Netpeak - Sep 24, 2013 - (14)
Ringostat call tracking with Universal Analytics integration sends call data to UA attributing it to Client ID of the visitor that made the call. So you can deeply analyze in Google Analytics interface call data even set goals on phone calls.


Mediahawk - Apr 24, 2015 - (14)
Mediahawk's call tracking software integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics to provide you with intelligent data about your marketing response, from online visits to those who converted over the phone. It's the missing piece in your marketing attribution and analytics.

Universal Analytics Call Tracking from Calltracks

Calltracks - Aug 11, 2012 - (13)
Integrate your phone calls and offline sales data into your Google Analytics account. Now you can see which web visitors convert over the phone, including the associated offline sales and transactions generated, alongside other conversion metrics such as form fills and e-commerce transactions.
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