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Monitor your Google Analytics with Leftronic dashboards. Automatically track your visits, goals, and e-commerce data with beautiful visualizations. Add in data from other web services like Salesforce, Zendesk, Adwords, New Relic, Facebook... and you're monitoring your entire org - all in one place!



RJMetrics is a hosted business intelligence platform. We provide business users with an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution to drive growth through smarter decision-making. Many of the world's fastest-growing online businesses, including Poshmark, Hootsuite, and Threadless use RJMetrics.



UnityReports is a SaaS analytics solution that merges data from your e-commerce and Google Analytics in order to create dashboards that help you grow your business. Transaction, marketing and merchandising data with 100% accuracy.


Hub'Scan EX

Hub'Scan EX is a SaaS platform that guarantees 100% tracking efficiency and quality for a website or eCommerce platform. Hub’Scan validates your Analytics implementation in an instant and provides corrections automatically.



DataTrue, a SaaS platform to easily audit, validate and monitor tags and data collected across single or multiple domains. Build tests to validate data against dynamic content from cookies, data layers, JavaScript variables and functions, URLs and HTML. Regression test before deployment.



Xplenty is data integration cloud service that lets you pull data from Google Analytics, as well many other SaaS applications and data stores into Google BigQuery or other data repositories, with no deployment, coding or maintenance.