Google Analytics Premium makes data useful and accessible for your whole team, so you can build a culture where insights come from everywhere.

Data made accessible

Whether you’re a data scientist or a marketing manager, Google Analytics Premium makes the key numbers accessible and useful for everyone in your group. When data is deeper and easier to understand, everyone can find the answers they’re looking for — and the ones they’re not.

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Robust and comprehensive tools

Google Analytics Premium is loaded with groundbreaking tools. Like our data-driven attribution model, which gives value to marketing touch points across a customer's journey. So you get a full and actionable view of the digital channels, devices, and keywords that perform best.

Insights into action

Data is only as good as the results it drives. That's why Google Analytics Premium is built to create real actionable insights that boost your bottom line. Features like cross-platform integration with the Google Display Network, AdWords, and ROI-driven testing help your entire team connect the dots and put those insights into action — fast.

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Tag Management made easy

For companies that depend on converting visitors to customers, tagging is critical to effective performance tracking. Google Tag Manager is a simple, powerful way to manage all of your analytics, conversion tracking and remarketing tags. Find out why we're the market leader.

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Data-Driven Attribution

Data-Driven Attribution in Google Analytics Premium analyzes the whole customer journey, whether that journey ends in a purchase (or conversion) or not. Our algorithmic model assigns value to your marketing touchpoints, and gives you an actionable view of which channels are performing best so you can achieve a higher return on investment.

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Remarketing with Google Analytics re-engages your users based on the sophisticated segmentation capabilities found in Google Analytics. It’s easy to install, provides rich segmentation based on user dimensions, and is available to use with the Google Display Network.

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