Never miss a marketing opportunity.

Rather than waiting months for site code updates, Google Tag Manager lets you launch new tags with just a few clicks. The result? You’ll enjoy faster, tighter control over your digital marketing and analytics programs.

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“We [used the] Google Tag Manager API to eliminate a manual, error-prone, process and thus were able to shift our attention from several low-value tasks to determining how to create a great digital experience for our customers.”
Angela Grammatas, Digital Analytics Manager, Novartis


Take control of your tags.

Streamline and simplify website and mobile app tagging. Instead of asking your IT team to manage individual tags across your websites, you can edit and manage tags on any page via a unified user-friendly tool. Google Tag Manager allows you to focus on marketing, not coding.

  • Robust

    Manage tags reliably and effectively.

    Tag Manager is built on Google’s infrastructure, which gives you security, speed, and performance. You’ll also get the tools to manage your own processes so you can make sure everything is working just fine within your own infrastructure.

  • Intuitive

    Change tags quickly and easily.

    Once Google Tag Manager containers are added, there are endless possibilities for tracking behavior-based activity on your website. Intuitive design lets you add or change tags whenever you want, while reassuring your IT colleagues that your site is running smoothly and loading quickly.

  • Open

    Easily embed any tags.

    Google Tag Manager is built to support all Google tags as well as a variety of approved 3rd-party provider tags so your campaign is underway with just a few clicks. If you don’t see a tag listed that you’re already using, you can always add a new one immediately as a custom HTML tag.

    Vendors include:

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Customizable API

Get more control with the Google Tag Manager API.

Google Tag Manager API lets you customize a solution to suit your needs. The API provides all the power of the web interface, including publishing containers and tags and makes it easy to manage user access in bulk. And agencies can use the API to easily manage large tagging setups for their clients.

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Jobs2Careers doubles conversions and increases workflow efficiency using Google Tag Manager.

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Novartis implements Google Analytics and Tag Manager on a Global Scale to improve customer experience.

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