Google Standard Access Application

This form will ask you detailed questions about your API tool design, and will also ask for design documents of your tool. If you don't have these ready, your application will be declined.

Please note there is no rush to apply, as we will respond to your application within a business day provided you have thoroughly answered all of the application questions. Questions? Contact us here.

  • Your MCC ID is found on the top right corner when you sign in to AdWords user interface. Example: 123-456-7890.

  • If providing multiple MCC IDs, separate IDs with commas.

  • Before proceeding, check your Developer Contact Email and Company Type in the AdWords API Center:
         1. Log into your AdWords My Client Center Account and click the Gear icon
          2. From the drop-down, click 'Account Settings'.
          3. Select 'AdWords API Center' from the navigation tab on the left.
          4. In the section containing your Developer Details, click 'Edit'.

    Note that company type specifically describes how you will use the AdWords API. If your company type is incorrect, your application will be declined.
  • Please type out your company type above. For more information about company types, please see this page.

  • Please describe your relationship with your clients if applicable.

  • If you own a lot of sites that appear to be unrelated, please elaborate here!
    If you advertise for more than 5 sites, please just list the first 5 here.

  • You can view sample design documents here.

  • e.g. only employees within my company OR my clients/the general public

  • Please make it clear whether 1) your clients will be emailed reports, or 2) if they will be able to log into a reporting dashboard. If you do not have clients, simply put "My company does not have AdWords clients."

  • Please explain.

  • Note: if you are creating/managing campaigns via that API, you will most likely be making read-only calls.

  • Please explain.

  • If you have an ongoing relationship with someone at Google, you can list their email here.

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