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Eagle in Exile Presents: Pansy Division ~ Zbornak (Queer Pop / Punk) $8

Pansy Division

Pansy Division is a queer rock band formed 1991 in San Francisco, though Jon is the only one who still lives there. We have made 8 albums, plus one Best of, had a documentary film made about us, and play shows occasionally.


We dream of a world where Bea Arthur fronts a punk band and is actually a bear. We believe that the awkward, the plus-sized, and the nerdy will rise up and inherit Miami. We vow to liberate the universe through cheesecake and rock. Slip into a pair of slouchy suede flat-boots, button up that asymmetrical collar, and strap on your shoulder pads. We are Zbörnak.
Thu Feb 21, 2013 8pm Pacific Time