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Sara Sanders: Introduction to Biointensive Gardenin

Sat 8 am - 5 pm/Sun 10 am - 6 pm

In this two-day workshop, participants will learn what biointensive gardening is – what’s the buzz about? It’s not the latest fad! It’s actually age-old practices that are resurfacing and getting more notice as the knowledge and realization of how our food is grown and how our soil is treated is coming to light. Biointensive gardening goes beyond the label of organic gardening; it is specific practices that not only avoids non-organic materials, but uses a ‘whole-farm’ approach to incorporate total sustainability, simple and effective methods, and techniques to create and maintain a healthy garden and, ultimately, a healthier way of life. On Day 1, participants will learn about and discuss topics such as soil health, companion planting, composting, worm bins/compost tea, integrated pest management (IPM), carbon & calorie farming, native plants/naturalizing, cover cropping, as well as how and why to fall in love with your garden. Day 2 takes your new-found knowledge out into the field, where we’ll put into practice some of the things we talked about in class and learn how to build a biointensive garden right here at WEI. Cost is only $120.00 for both days. Please bring a brown bag lunch.

Sat Apr 30 – Sun May 1, 2011
WEI's Amador Hill Farm Campus (map)