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How I built a fully interactive web documentary without a framework

For full details, including the address, and to RSVP see:
Main Talk @ ~7:30pm (depends on early talk): Matt Keas of the Iron Yard is going to share how he built an rock'n web documentary site without using any frameworks. The site is incredible with fantastic interactive videos and amazing UX.

Expect a mix of code, philosophy, and abundance of awesomeness.

Early Talk @ 6:30pm: Alper Sunar is giving us early access to his talk at

His abstract:

Everyday, we're dealing with the great and terrible burden of choice. Native, Web or Hybrid; Angular, Ember or Backbone and the list goes on.

Sometimes we all get lost in the weeds of the documentation for the library/framework du jour.

In this session, I will share some ideas (and hopefully hear some of yours) to navigate around the mobile development landscape.

This session is not about "Which should I choose? Angular, Backbone, Ember?!?!”. There is a 4th, sensible choice of start small, understand the problems, and choose libraries where appropriate.

We will build a simple app using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and package it with PhoneGap build for app store submission with a laser focus on simplicity. I'll also give you hard earned tips on how to make PhoneGap apps not suck: how to speed up buttons, and what user experiences to avoid.

The objective is to really understand the issues we're faced with (such as managing complexity, developing for multiple platforms, dependency management, testing, packaging for app stores and deployment) so that you can add tools & abstractions if/when they improve YOUR productivity and help YOU manage complexity.

Thu Jun 19 11:30pm – Fri Jun 20, 2014 2:30am GMT (no daylight saving)
START houston - 1121 Delano Street - Houston, TX 77003 (map)