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Litigation Section Meeting

Please join us for the next HSBA Litigation Section meeting on Tuesday, April 12, at noon in the HSBA Conference Room. We will hear from Judge R. Mark Browning (who, prior to his very recent appointment as Senior Judge of the Family Court in the First Circuit, served on the civil bench), and Judge Rom A. Trader (who has served on the Circuit Court since 2009). They will share some background as to how they became judges, as well as practice pointers.

Also, mark your calendar for Tuesday, May 10, at noon in the HSBA Conference Room at which time we will hear from Justice Lawrence M. Reifurth and Justice Lisa M. Ginoza, new appointees to the Intermediate Court of Appeals. The Justices will share their background and discuss their approaches to the law and appellate practice

For those of you seeking to participate by webcast, the webcast link is: To ask questions or post comments, there is a "Leave a comment" box in the lower left corner of the page (you may have to scroll down). A pop-up window will ask you to enter a login and password, or to set up an account. Those who don't have an account already, need to create their own login and password, and provide their birth date and email address. Those who already have an account can log in from the pop-up window.

Trevor A. Brown

HSBA Litigation Section Chair

Tue Apr 12, 2011