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National Rural Connections Working Group

Announcement: The HFA Board is supporting the creation of a national: Rural Connections Working Group to identify, assess and support the needs of rural communities. Participants in this Working Group need to commit to a quarterly conference call and actively participating in an ongoing email discussion.

If interested in joining this working group or to learn more, please contact Jill Packard at:

Our first call will be on: March 25th at 8 Eastern | 7 Central | 6 Mountain | 5 Pacific

Did you know that 84 percent of the United States' inhabitants live in suburban and urban areas, but cities occupy only 10 percent of the country? Rural areas occupy the remaining 90 percent! It's an observable truth that people in rural areas and smaller communities have much different experiences with their bleeding disorders than those in urban areas. Those affected, as well those that care for them, have different access to opportunities than those in the larger population centers. We have either have had these experiences ourselves or know people who have not had these same opportunities for education and support (Reference:

Questions to Consider:
• What are the unique characteristics of a rural bleeding disorders population that differentiate it from urban ones?
• How can we change the current “biggest bang for your buck” paradigm to meet the needs of those who are in rural places? One thought on this is to ensure that people of all ages and conditions have access to technology, perhaps even funding for it.
• Can urban based chapters fill the needs of a rural population and if so, where are there good examples of how this is happening?
• Assuming some rural bleeders use local medical facilities rather than their state’s HTC, how can we access those people that might benefit from chapter support, but do not know about it.
We look forward to hearing from you!

In community,
Jill Packard – Hemophilia Alliance of Maine & HFA Board Member
Mon Mar 25, 2013
Contact Jill Packard (map)