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Group Healing with Mena Calvert

The Power of manifesting Love in Unity

The Melchizedek method is a revolutionary technique to access the Time-Space continuum, reclaiming the body, clearing it and healing it in order to reverse the aging process. However, the Melchizedek method is much more than a light body activation, healing and rejuvenation technique. It is a whole new formula for body health, harmony and spiritual ascension.

The Hologram of Love is the basis for these extraordinary spiritual teachings and is the simplest, most powerful Ascension tool introduced to mankind at this time. The techniques introduced in “THE MELCHIZEDEK METHOD” seminar are quick, simple and powerful, perfect for these ascending times. The Hologram of Love Light Body Activation expresses only three breaths and on a daily basis only one breath. Level Two of the Melchizedek Method includes many advancements upon the original techniques, but still only needs two breaths for full activation.

Levels Three, Four and Five are all quantum leaps in advancement of your journey into full Light Body activation. These levels contain some truly beautiful meditations/initiations and each one forms an integral part of building of your light body.

The journey through these levels is one of self discovery, self empowerment and the release of old belief systems and programs that contain you in a limiting space. This work is very expansive and a journey into unlimitedness, unconditional love, non judgment and unity consciousness, a oneness with all things.

Cost per individual session (1 hr): 700 pesos
Cost per group session (1 hr): 220 pesos

Sat Jul 27, 2013 10am – 11am Central Time - Mexico City
Meditation Room (map)