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SIGMA-ALDRICH LECTURE-Colloquia with Prof. Daniel Romo, Texas A&M University & Prof. Franklin Davis, Temple University

Daniel Romo
Professor of Chemistry, Director of the Natural Products LINCHPIN Laboratory
Texas A&M University

“Natural Products Fueling Both Scaleable and Microscale
Synthetic Methodology to Impact Biology”

Natural products are an enduring driving force for innovation in organic synthesis and
discoveries in drug development. This seminar will describe how natural products have
driven my group’s interests in scaleable synthetic methods and the development of
microscale methods for chemo- and site-selective derivatizations.

Franklin A. Davis
Laura H. Carnell Professor of Chemistry

"Asymmetric Synthesis of Homotropinones, Tropinones, Tropanes and Cocaine
Derivatives using Sulfinimines (N-Sulfinyl Imines)"

Many of nature’s molecules, including proteins, numerous natural products, and
pharmaceuticals contain nitrogen which is attached to a stereogenic center. The best
and most reliable method for creating a carbon-nitrogen stereocenter is to add an
organometallic reagent to the C-N bond of chiral sulfinimines (N-sulfinyl imines).

The recent focus of our research is the design and synthesis of sulfinimine-derived
polyfunctionalized chiral building blocks for the asymmetric synthesis of
multi-substituted nitrogen heterocycles. Recent applications of sulfinimine-derived
ß-amino ketones for the enantioselective synthesis of homotropinones, tropinones,
tropanes, and cocaine derivatives will be presented.

Mon Mar 24, 2014 3pm – 5pm Central Time
202 Light Hall (map)