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PV Project Development Summit South Africa 2012

The only event in South Africa focusing exclusively on PV project development, to guarantee your project is brought to completion on time and on budget. We will bring together local and international stakeholders to meet and discuss how to drive PV projects forwards in South Africa, to guarantee the future growth of your business

The future of PV in South Africa has never looked brighter, and at PV Project Development Summit South Africa you will learn:

Phase I Pioneers – Hear the lessons learned in local and international PV project development to learn how to overcome the challenges and solutions unique to South Africa
Plant Design and Planning – Hear best practices for optimizing plant performance through improved engineering and design techniques
Which photovoltaic technology is best suited to conditions in South Africa? Hear a comparison of PV technologies and an assessment of the risks and advantages of deploying each technology in SA
Project Supply Chain Management – Overcome the challenges unique to South Africa and meet the IRP procurement targets, whilst reducing overall costs

Download your copy of the event brochure to see how the summit will meet the big issues

The key stakeholders and the most experienced international experts ready to share their knowledge with you

This will be a melting pot of PV developers, EPCs Technology Providers, Government Officials and Investors. But not only this, we have guaranteed only the very best speakers will be taking the stage ready to present, analyze, debate, deliver and discuss key industry issues, opportunities and challenges to ensure you take home a robust strategy to succesfully develop your PV business in South Africa.


Wed Sep 5 – Thu Sep 6, 2012