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ibrand 2: Job Search Skills

Eve Stieglitz, Recruiter, Talent Acquisition at MediaVest Worldwide
Eve Stieglitz, Executive Recruiter, returns to discuss the full job search process from application through follow up. Along the way she will discuss sending the resume, setting up an appointment, interviewing (in person and on the telephone), and follow up. Be ready for some real world practical advice on the job search process.
Students attending this session are asked to come prepared with the following (if possible):
A 30 second pitch of yourself to a specific position you find online with a company of their choice. It will be like a cover letter meets in person interview. Then you will stand up in front of the class and pitch the entire classroom. Sounds like fun!
Host: Dr. James Murdy
Thu Oct 25, 2012 7:10pm – 8:25pm Eastern Time
Manhattan EGGC 701 and O.W. HJSH DL1 and Vancouver (map)