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Thinking Outside the Box: Documenting Family and Community History Using Non-Traditional Sources

Records used in historical research are an important part of our documentary heritage, providing a direct link to our common past. But family and community history is more than just birth, marriage and death dates.

What else can be used to document family history and our communities?

Explore some underused but invaluable resources of American history and culture like recipes, textiles and toys and discuss strategies for capturing the memories they evoke.

Target Audience

This class is appropriate for family and community historians, public librarians, professionals and non-professionals alike.

About the Presenter

Susan Hughes is the owner/operator of Hughes Archival Consulting and currently works as a Processing Archivist at Syracuse University. Prior to that, she worked as the Regional Archivist at the Central New York Library Resources Council for seven years. Susan's vast experience working with DHP clients in the region makes her an invaluable resource to CLRC and the DHP clients it serves. She currently resides in Oswego, NY.

Fri May 10, 2013 1:30pm – 4:30pm GMT (no daylight saving)
CLRC Training Room (map)