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Workplace Dispute Resolution Workshop

Professors Joshua Bienstock, J.D. and Dr. Richard Dibble, Director, Center for HR Studies, NYIT

This workshop covers the basic skills needed to successfully resolve disputes that occur at work. The hands-on exercises and practice negotiations enable you to apply your new skills. You’ll gain a better understanding of the dynamics of conflict and how to manage yourself during tense moments. You will learn to shift the focus from conflict to finding solutions that work for all parties, and reduce unproductive behavior, employee terminations, and lawsuits. The program covers Causes, dynamics and consequences of workplace disputes, negotiation & communication skills for conflict resolution , principled negotiations model & hands-on exercises, application: apply your new skills to resolving any workplace dispute, be it with employees, supervisors, vendors or customers. A limited number of complimentary registrations are available to NYIT students.

Fri Oct 26, 2012 9am – 5pm Eastern Time
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