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RRLC: Coaching: Tools for Future Success

Program Goal:
Develop the participant’s coaching and performance management skills so that they can better engage the knowledge, experience, talents & energy of their employees and thus develop & leverage that talent to achieve the organization’s strategic goals

Program Objectives
At the completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

• Appreciate the importance of making coaching a regular component of their company’s performance management process.
• Identify the varied challenges to coaching and developing their staff.
• Understand and explain the roles and responsibilities of the employee and you, as their manager, in the employee’s performance development.
• Set clear SMART goals, objectives and expectations for each employee.
• Use a coaching model to assist each of their employees toward reaching his or her individual’s professional potential.
• Demonstrate three of the key skills, of observation, inquiry and feedback, needed in the performance coaching process to work with all their team members, including their “difficult” people.
• Develop a plan to implement the skills learned in the program into their day to day work environment.
Target Audience:
Individuals in managerial/supervisory role.

Presenter: Robert Brancato, CSL Consultants

This program is sponsored by the Rochester Regional Library Council and is supported by Regional Bibliographic Data Bases and Interlibrary Resources Sharing (RBDB) funds.

Cost to attend:
Cost to attend:
FREE to RRLC members
$25 to members of other 3Rs councils
$35 to non-members

To register go to and click on “Register for Courses”, email, or call 223-7570. For staff at RRLC member libraries and member library systems. Reasonable accommodation will be provided upon request. Visit our Continuing Education page for the complete Registration & RRLC Program Attendance Policy.

Directions/registration information
Directions. Packett’s Landing is off Main Street (Rte. 250) in the village of Fairport, adjacent to the canal bridge on the southeast side, and across the street from the Fairport Public Library. RRLC is on the 3rd floor, Room 390.

Tue Apr 16, 2013 1pm – 5pm GMT (no daylight saving)
RRLC Training Center 390 Packett's Landing Fairport, NY 14450 (map)