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Storm: Adventure Movie Showing - Colby

Location: Colby Community College Cultural Arts Center
Date: Monday, Dec. 10
Time: 7:00

Free to the public
• Request: 1 canned food item
per person
• Travel, on film, to Austria,
Antarctica, Alaska, and the U.S.
• See the U.S. Marines train for
mountain combat at the Winter
Warfare training site in the Sierra
Nevada Mountains
• Door prizes and drawings
• See the “New School” Outlaw
ski competition

I sent info about an event here at the college. I also wanted to let everyone know that Pizza Hut, the Colby Bowl, sonic, and the sport shop are all donating prizes for intermission drawings.

Mon Dec 10, 2012 7pm – 8pm Central Time
Colby Community College Cultural Arts Center - Colby, KS (map)