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Todd Coleman (CNS talk)

Brain-Computer Interfaces and the Interplay between Bio-electronics, Neuroscience, and Applied Probability

In this talk, we use the lens of brain-computer interfaces to discuss the interplay between bio-electronics, neuroscience, and applied probability. We begin with a discussion of recently developed epidermal electronics that enable ways to record neural signals on the surface of the forehead using ultra-thin, flexible, wireless electronics that can be embedded in a temporary tattoo. We demonstrate the ability to record high-quality EEG brain markers in a collection of different paradigms. We then consider closed-loop brain-computer interfaces, where the goal is to sequentially identify the most useful subsequent stimuli to the user, given previously acquired neural signals, to maximize a performance objective. We show how using appropriate applied probability and feedback information theoretic approaches lead to easy-to-use solutions that enable unobtrusive applications for BCIs for clinical applications and beyond.

Todd Coleman
Dept of Bioengineering
UC San Diego

Cognitive Neural Systems Seminar Series
This seminar is supported by the Kavli Institute for Mind and Brain, and the UCSD Dept of Psychology

Tue Nov 13, 2012 12pm – 1pm Pacific Time
Mandler 3545 (Crick Conference Room) (map)