Cloud Ready Printers

For the best Google Cloud Print experience, we recommend that you use a Cloud Ready printer. Cloud Ready printers connect directly to the web and don’t require a PC to setup: you can connect one to your Google Cloud Print account in seconds, and immediately start printing to it.

Use the setup tab for information on how to setup any of the printers below. For printers not listed here, see the section on ‘Setting up other printers’.

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Brother devices that support Google Cloud Print connect directly to the Google Cloud Print server. You can send print jobs from anywhere using your mobile devices or computers.

Learn more about Google Cloud Print on Brother »

Setup instructions

If your Brother device supports Google Cloud Print, please see the Google Cloud Print Guide for setup instructions.

Supported printer models

EHL Series

  • HL-3140CW
  • HL-3150CDW
  • HL-3150CDN
  • HL-3170CDW
  • HL-L8250CDN
  • HL-L8350CDW
  • HL-L8350CDWT
  • HL-L9200CDWT
  • HL-L2340DW
  • HL-L2360DW
  • HL-L2360DN
  • HL-L2365DW
  • HL-L2361DN
  • HL-2560DN
  • HL-L2305W
  • HL-L2340DWR
  • HL-L2360DNR
  • HL-L2365DWR

EDCP Series

  • DCP-9020CDN
  • DCP-9020CDW
  • DCP-J752DW
  • DCP-J552DW
  • DCP-J552N
  • DCP-J552N -ECO
  • DCP-J752N
  • DCP-J952N -B
  • DCP-J952N -W
  • DCP-J952N-ECO-B
  • DCP-J952N-ECO-W
  • DCP-J957N-B
  • DCP-J957N-W
  • DCP-J957N-ECO-B
  • DCP-J957N-ECO-W
  • DCP-J152W
  • DCP-J152N
  • DCP-J132W
  • DCP-J132N
  • DCP-J172W
  • DCP-J105
  • DCP-L8400CDN
  • DCP-L8450CDW
  • DCP-L2520DW
  • DCP-L2540DW
  • DCP-L2560DW
  • DCP-L2520DWR
  • DCP-L2540DNR
  • DCP-L2560DWR

EMFC Series

  • MFC-9130CW
  • MFC-9140CDN
  • MFC-9330CDW
  • MFC-9340CDW
  • MFC-J470DW
  • MFC-J475DW
  • MFC-J870DW
  • MFC-J875DW
  • MFC-J285DW
  • MFC-J450DW
  • MFC-J650DW
  • MFC-J870N
  • MFC-J980DN -B
  • MFC-J980DWN -B
  • MFC-J980DN -W
  • MFC-J980DWN -W
  • MFC-J820DN
  • MFC-J820DWN
  • MFC-J890DN
  • MFC-J890DWN
  • MFC-J6720DW
  • MFC-J6920DW
  • MFC-J3520
  • MFC-J3720
  • MFC-J6520DW
  • MFC-J6570CDW
  • MFC-J6770CDW
  • MFC-J6970CDW
  • MFC-J6975CDW
  • MFC-J200
  • MFC-L8600CDW
  • MFC-L8650CDW
  • MFC-L8850CDW
  • MFC-L9550CDW
  • MFC-L2700DW
  • MFC-L2720DW
  • MFC-L2740DW
  • MFC-L2720DN
  • MFC-L2703DW
  • MFC-L2700DWR


Select Canon printers are Google Cloud Print Ready for easy and convenient printing from anywhere.

Setup instructions

If your Canon printer is Google Cloud Print Ready, follow these instructions for setting up Google Cloud Print on your particular model.

Supported printer models

Office All-In-One Printers

  • PIXMA MX920 series
  • PIXMA MX890 series
  • PIXMA MX720 series
  • PIXMA MX530 series
  • PIXMA MX520 series
  • PIXMA MX490 series
  • PIXMA MX470 series
  • MAXIFY iB4000 series

Photo All-In-One Printers

  • PIXMA MG8200 series
  • PIXMA MG7500 series
  • PIXMA MG7100 series
  • PIXMA MG6700 series
  • PIXMA MG6600 series
  • PIXMA MG6500 series
  • PIXMA MG6400 series
  • PIXMA MG6300 series
  • PIXMA MG6200 series
  • PIXMA MG5600 series
  • PIXMA MG5500 series
  • PIXMA MG5400 series
  • PIXMA MG4200 series
  • PIXMA MG3500 series
  • PIXMA MG2900 series
  • PIXMA MB5300 series
  • PIXMA MB5000 series
  • PIXMA MB2300 series
  • PIXMA MB2000 series
  • PIXMA iP8700 series
  • PIXMA iP110 series
  • PIXMA iX6800 series
  • PIXMA E560 series
  • PIXMA E480 series
  • PIXMA E460 series

Laser Multifunction Printers

  • Color imageCLASS MF8580Cdw
  • Color imageCLASS MF8280Cw
  • imageCLASS MF6180dw
  • imageCLASS MF6160dw


Print on the go with Google Cloud Print, compatible with selected Dell printers. After registering your Google account with your new printer, you'll be ready to use the Google Cloud Print service.

See a list of compatible Dell printers »

Setup instructions

For Dell printers, follow the instructions at the bottom of the Dell compatible printers page.

Supported printer models

Dell Color Lasers

  • C2660dn
  • C2665dnf
  • C3760n
  • C3760dn
  • C3765dnf
  • C7765dn

Dell Mono Lasers

  • B1163w
  • B1165nfw
  • B1260dn
  • B1265dnf
  • B1265dfw
  • B2375dnf
  • B2375dfw


Epson’s Google Cloud Print Ready printers connect directly to the Google Cloud Print service for a seamless printing experience.

Learn more about Epson Connect »

Setup instructions

For Epson printers, follow the instructions for Setting up Google Cloud Print.

Supported printer models

Artisan Series

  • Artisan 730
  • Artisan 837

Epson Stylus Series

  • Stylus NX430
  • Stylus NX530

Expression Series

  • Expression Home XP-200
  • Expression Home XP-300
  • Expression Home XP-310
  • Expression Home XP-400
  • Expression Home XP-410
  • Expression Premium XP-520
  • Expression Premium XP-600
  • Expression Premium XP-610
  • Expression Premium XP-620
  • Expression Premium XP-700
  • Expression Premium XP-800
  • Expression Premium XP-810
  • Expression Premium XP-820
  • Expression Photo XP-850
  • Expression Photo XP-950

WorkForce Series

  • WorkForce 545
  • WorkForce 645
  • WorkForce 845
  • WorkForce WF-2530
  • WorkForce WF-2540
  • WorkForce WF-2630
  • WorkForce WF-2650
  • WorkForce WF-2660
  • WorkForce WF-3520
  • WorkForce WF-3530
  • WorkForce WF-3540
  • WorkForce WF-7510
  • WorkForce WF-7520
  • WorkForce WF-7610
  • WorkForce WF-7620

WorkForce Pro and Pro-C Series

  • WorkForce Pro WP-4010
  • WorkForce Pro WP-4020
  • WorkForce Pro WP-4023
  • WorkForce Pro WP-4090
  • WorkForce Pro WP-4520
  • WorkForce Pro WP-4530
  • WorkForce Pro WP-4533
  • WorkForce Pro WP-4540
  • WorkForce Pro WP-4590

FedEx Office

You can print to any FedEx Office location in the US with Google Cloud Print without any setup. Choose “Print to FedEx Office” as the Google Cloud Print destination, and you’ll receive a retrieval code you can use to print out your job at more than 1,800 FedEx Office locations.

Learn more about Print to FedEx Office »


All HP ePrint-enabled printers support Google Cloud Print out of the box with no need for additional print drivers or software. HP ePrint is available on over 200+ printer models - check your printer for an ePrint button or logo:


The presence of this logo and/or button indicates that the printer will support Google Cloud Print. If you’re not sure, check the HP ePrint site for a complete list of compatible models, or browse new models supporting ePrint and Cloud Print.

Learn more about ePrint »
See a list of HP ePrint-enabled printers »

Setup instructions

1. Ensure that your HP ePrint enabled printer is setup and has an active HP ePrint email address. This can be checked from the front panel of the printer or via the long press of the HP ePrint button. Need help?

2. Click here to associate your HP printer with Google Cloud Print. Enter the HP ePrint e-mail address of your printer, click ‘Connect my printer’, and you’ll be set up and ready to print.

Supported printer models

All HP ePrint enabled models are compatible with Google Cloud Print, including many printers in the following families.

See details at left.


HP Photosmart

HP Deskjet

HP OfficeJet

HP OfficeJet Pro

HP OfficeJet Pro X

HP LaserJet

HP LaserJet Pro

HP LaserJet Enterprise

HP DesignJet


All KODAK Hero, Office Hero, ESP C310 series and ESP Office 2100 series printers support Google Cloud Print, with no need for print drivers or additional software.

Learn more about Google Cloud Print on Kodak »

Setup instructions

If your printer is a Kodak Cloud Ready Printer, follow these instructions on Kodak’s website for Setting Up Google Cloud Print.

Supported printer models

Kodak Hero

  • 3.1
  • 5.1
  • 7.1
  • 9.1
  • 2.2
  • 4.2

Kodak Office Hero

  • 6.1

Kodak ESP

  • C310
  • 315
  • 1.2
  • 3.2
  • 3.2s

Kodak ESP Office

  • 2150
  • 2170


Samsung's Google Cloud Print Ready printers support printing from anywhere, with no need for drivers.

Learn more about Google Cloud Print on Samsung printers »

Setup instructions

To setup Google Cloud Print on your Samsung printer, follow the Samsung instructions online.

Supported printer models

Home & Personal

  • Xpress C410W
  • Xpress C460FW
  • Xpress M2020W
  • Xpress M2070W
  • Xpress M2070FW
  • ML-2165W
  • SCX-3405W
  • SCX-3405FW

Home Office & Small Business

  • CLP-415NW
  • CLX-4195FW
  • Xpress M2820DW
  • Xpress M2825DW
  • Xpress M2875FD
  • Xpress M2875FW
  • Xpress C1810W
  • Xpress C1860FW
  • Xpress M2830DW
  • Xpress M2835DW
  • Xpress M2870FW
  • Xpress M2885FW

Large Business

  • CLP-680ND
  • CLP-775ND
  • CLX-6260FD
  • CLX-6260FW
  • ProXpress M3370FD
  • ProXpress M3870FW
  • ProXpress M4070FR
  • ProXpress M3320ND
  • ProXpress M3820DW
  • ProXpress M3870FW


Select Ricoh printers and MFPs can now be made Google Cloud Ready by applying a device firmware update.

Learn more about Ricoh's Google Cloud Ready devices »

Setup instructions

To have your supported printer or MFP updated to support Google Cloud Print contact Ricoh.

Supported printer models

  • SP C320DN
  • SP C430DN
  • Color MFP
  • MP C2800
  • MP C3300
  • MP C6501
  • MP C7501
  • MP C3001
  • MP C3501
  • MP C4501
  • MP C5501
  • MP C300
  • MP C2051
  • MP C2551
  • MP C3002
  • MP C3502
  • MP C4502
  • MP C5502
  • MP C305SPF
  • Monochrome MFP
  • MP 250 ISP
  • MP 2553SP
  • MP301SP
  • MP30ISPF
  • MP 3053SP
  • MP 3353SP
  • MP 4002
  • MP 5002
  • MP 6002
  • MP 7502
  • MP 9002
  • MP C3003
  • MP C3503
  • MP C4503
  • MP C5503
  • MP C6003
  • MP C6502
  • MP C8002
  • Pro 8100
  • Pro 8110
  • MP C305SP


The Lantronix® xPrintServer® Cloud Print Edition print server makes USB and network printers Google Cloud Print ready. It enables instant wireless printing of photos, email, web pages and documents from Google Cloud Print enabled devices like Chromebook computers, Android phones and tablets to your printers at work, school and home.

Learn more about the Lantronix xPrintServer »

Setup instructions

For setup instructions, see the xPrintServer documentation.


OKI devices that support Google Cloud Print connect directly to the Google Cloud Print service.

Learn more about Google Cloud Print on OKI >>

Setup instructions

For OKI devices, follow the instructions for Setting up Google Cloud Print.

Supported printer models

  • MC362w
  • MC562w

Monochrome Printers

  • B412dn
  • B432dn
  • B512dn
  • ES4132dn
  • ES4191-MULTI
  • ES4192dn
  • ES5112dn
  • ES5162dnw

Color MultiFunction

  • MB451
  • MB451dn
  • MB451w
  • MB471
  • MB471w
  • MB472dnw
  • MB491
  • MB491+LP
  • MB492dn
  • MB562dnw
  • MPS2731mc

Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta printers supporting Google Cloud Print enable easy and convenient printing from anywhere.

Learn more about Google Cloud Print on Konica Minolta printers >>

Setup instructions

Please refer to the Google Cloud Print Online Guide for more information on how to configure Konica Minolta devices with Google Cloud Print.

Supported printer models

Office Color

  • bizhub C3850
  • bizhub C3850FS
  • bizhub C3350
  • bizhub C754
  • bizhub C754e
  • bizhub C654
  • bizhub C654e
  • bizhub C554
  • bizhub C554e
  • bizhub C454
  • bizhub C454e
  • bizhub C364
  • bizhub C364e
  • bizhub C284
  • bizhub C284e
  • bizhub C224
  • bizhub C224e
  • bizhub C036DN
  • bizhub C028DN
  • bizhub C022DN

Office B/W

  • bizhub 754e
  • bizhub 754
  • bizhub 654e
  • bizhub 654
  • bizhub 554e
  • bizhub 4750
  • bizhub 454e
  • bizhub 4050
  • bizhub 364e
  • bizhub 284e
  • bizhub 224e


Lemark's Google Cloud Print ready printers can be enabled to connect directly to the Google Cloud Print service.

Learn more about mobile Google Cloud Print with Lexmark

Setup instructions

For setup instructions, please see the administrator's guide to the Lexmark embedded solution for Google Cloud Print for Setting up Google Cloud Print

Supported printer models

  • Lexmark MS810
  • Lexmark MS812
  • Lexmark MX710
  • Lexmark MX711
  • Lexmark MX810
  • Lexmark MX811
  • Lexmark MX812
  • Lexmark MS610de
  • Lexmark MX410de
  • Lexmark MX510de
  • Lexmark MX511de
  • Lexmark MX511dhe
  • Lexmark MX610de
  • Lexmark MX611de
  • Lexmark MX611dhe
  • Lexmark MX6500
  • Lexmark CS510de
  • Lexmark CX410e
  • Lexmark CX410de
  • Lexmark CX510de
  • Lexmark C748
  • Lexmark X746
  • Lexmark X748
  • Lexmark C792
  • Lexmark X792
  • Lexmark C925
  • Lexmark X925
  • Lexmark C950
  • Lexmark X950
  • Lexmark X952
  • Lexmark X954
  • Lexmark 6500e
  • Lexmark X548

Setting up other printers

Cloud Print Ready printers

For Cloud Print Ready printers not listed here, please follow the instructions included with your printer. This can typically be found in the owner’s manual.

Classic printers

Classic Printers connect to the Internet through a laptop or PC, and register with Google Cloud Print using a feature of Google Chrome.

Add a Classic printer »

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