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World Wonders Project

Bringing to life the wonders of the modern and ancient world


The World Wonders Project brings to life the wonders of the modern and ancient world. Together with partners including UNESCO, the World Monuments Fund and Getty Images, we have brought world heritage sites online so that they can be explored by people around the world and preserved for future generations.

The World Wonders Project also presents a valuable resource for students and scholars and offers an innovative way to teach history and geography in schools. Primary and secondary school teachers can download teacher guides and lesson plans from the website for free and use them in their classroom.

Closer to world heritage

Using Street View technology, the site allows you to navigate virtually around some of the most important, historical and beautiful world heritage sites through panoramic street-level images, experiencing these places almost as if you were there. Take a trip to Italy to see the archaeological areas of Pompeii, to Australia to explore the hundreds of miles of beautiful scenery at Shark Bay, or to Japan to step inside the haunting Hiroshima Memorial Dome. You can also read about each place’s history, watch videos on YouTube, browse the photo gallery or explore our 3D-models to complete your virtual journey.

Travelling around the world is easy

You can explore the website with the help of drop down menus at the top of the page and select sites to visit based either on the country or the type of place: historic sites; palaces and gardens; or regions and landscapes. Alternatively, you can use the image carousel or the spinning globe to navigate around and dive into a location that grabs your attention.

Behind the scenes

Using the Street View car we’ve been able to visit many beautiful places around the world and put the imagery on Street View. However, some of the world heritage sites aren’t accessible by car so we had to develop new technology to be able to record these places. We developed a bicycle-based camera system that is able to collect imagery of places such as trails, parks, gardens and even archaeological areas, railways and rivers. The collected images are then digitized and stitched together to a continuous 360-degree image that can be explored with Street View on Google Maps.

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