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Guitar with inlays

Juan Gris1925

Museo Reina Sofia
Museo Reina Sofia

This work is an example of the mastery that Gris attains in Synthetic Cubism. This type of Cubism would begin by reducing compartmentalization and enlarging the fragments, and would end up eliminating them and giving a unitary, synthetic look to the figures. This does not mean there was a return to naturalism, because the objects are formed using their different fragments, and there is often disproportion among the parts, asymmetry and different perspectives. Thus, in this canvas we see deformations and an ensemble of different perspectives ("flat, tilted architectures" in the words of Gris), as each object is represented from different vantage points, introducing different notions of time and ways of seeing in the space of the painting.



  • 標題: Guitar with inlays
  • 建立者: Juan Gris
  • 建立日期: 1925
  • 實際尺寸: w920 x h730 mm
  • Style: Cubism
  • Provenance: Bought, 1998
  • Original Title: La guitare aux incrustations
  • 類型: Painting
  • 材質: Oil on canvas