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Floral Still Life

Hans Bollongier1639


This exuberant bouquet has a very natural air. And yet the combination of tulips, anemones, roses and carnations is an artificial one. No doubt Bollongier worked from drawings, as did his fellow arists. We may assume that this bouquet is an allusion to mortality. In the 1630s striped tulips were enormously popular and a great many people who had traded in tulip bulbs were ruined in 1637, when the bottom fell out of the market.

Purchased in 1883, from the collection of P.C. Baron Nahuys- Hodgson.



  • ชื่อ: Floral Still Life
  • ผู้สร้าง: Hans Bollongier
  • วันที่สร้าง: 1639
  • ขนาด: w533 x h676 mm
  • Style: Northern Netherlands School
  • Provenance: Sale F.M. Hodgson (†), dowager of P.C. Baron Nahuys et al., Amsterdam (F. Muller et al.), 14 November 1883 (hors de catalogue), fl 235, to the museum
  • Original Title: Stilleven met bloemen
  • ประเภท: Painting
  • ลิงก์ภายนอก: See more on the Rijksmuseum website
  • สื่อ: oil on panel