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Poi awe (percussive device)


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Te Papa

A poi is a light, circular ball attached to a cord that is twirled with the twist of the wrists in combinations of movements, around and against the hands and body. This example is a very rare type woven in muka (flax fibre) with a technique called knotless netting. It is called a poi awe, due to the presence of the dog-hair awe (tassles) attached as decoration.

Poi are used as visual and rhythmic accompaniments to Māori cultural song and dance performances. Performers might use a single poi or a pair, with either short or long cordage lengths. Traditionally, dried raupō (bullrush) leaves were used as the ball covering, with braided muka for the cords. Today, synthetic materials are used.

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  • Titel: Poi awe (percussive device)
  • Datierung: 1800
  • Entstehungsort: New Zealand
  • Abmessungen: w102 x h82 mm
  • Typ: poi
  • Rechte: Acquisition history unknown
  • Externer Link: Te Papa
  • Material: muka fibre, tahuna, dog hair, kiekie, pingao, wool
  • weaver: Unknown
  • Object classification: poi; percussion instruments
  • Material terms: muka; Kiekie; raupo; dog hair; wool; pïngao

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