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Bru Jeune

Casimir Bruca.1880

Museo Art Nouveau y Art Déco - Casa Lis
Museo Art Nouveau y Art Déco - Casa Lis

The Bru dolls, especially those from the period of Chevrot as this example, approach perfection. Here the head, the torso and the arms are in biscuit, while the legs and the forearms are in kid’s skin.Its size and its extraordinary beauty make it an exceptional item.

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  • Titel: Bru Jeune
  • Maker: Casimir Bru
  • Aanmaakdatum: ca.1880
  • Fysieke afmetingen: h700 mm
  • Type: Dolls
  • Rechten: Photo: Imagen M.A.S., Photo: Imagen M.A.S.
  • Materiaal: Biscuit, kid’s skin and wood

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