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尼古拉斯・内弗齐阿特probably 1561

The National Gallery, London
The National Gallery, London

The young woman wears a richly embroidered, fur-trimmed dress typical of southern Germany. The coats of arms at the upper right corner, which were revealed when the painting was cleaned in 1968, identify the sitter as Susanna Stefan (died 1594), wife of Wolff Furter (1538? – 1594) of Nuremberg. Her glance suggests that a companion portrait of her husband may once have existed.



  • 标题: 年轻女士
  • 创作者: 尼古拉斯・内弗齐阿特
  • 创作日期: probably 1561
  • 实际尺寸: w654 x h806 cm
  • School: Early Netherlandish
  • More Info: More Artist Information
  • Inventory number: NG184
  • Artist Biography: He was born near Mons about 1540, and learnt to paint there. He is generally identified with Colyn van Nieucasteel, who was a pupil of Coecke van Aelst in Antwerp in 1539. Documents establish that Neufchâtel worked in Nuremberg. Early sources, like Sandrart, add that his name was often corrupted to Nutzschidell and other forms. He was a portrait painter. His only certain work represents the Nuremberg mathematician Neudörfer with his son, 1561 (Munich).
  • Acquisition Credit: Bought, 1858
  • 类型: Painting
  • 外部链接: The National Gallery, London
  • 材质: Oil on canvas