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The harvest

Vincent van GoghJune 1888 - 1888

Van Gogh Museum
Van Gogh Museum

The colours of the southern French countryside in summer dominate this painting: the warm yellowy-gold of the wheat and azure green of the shimmering light. The painting shows the plain of La Crau, outside Arles, with in the distance the Alpilles mountain range. For the foreground Van Gogh used touches of paint in various directions, while for the background he applied more uniform colour patches, thereby creating extra depth. He considered this impressive vista one of his finest works.

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  • 제목: The harvest
  • 제작자: Vincent van Gogh
  • 만든 날짜: June 1888 - 1888
  • 만든 위치: Arles, France
  • Place Part Of: France
  • 종류: Landscape
  • 외부 링크: The Harvest
  • 권리: Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Foundation)

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