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Christ as 'The Light of the World'

Paris Bordoneabout 1550

The National Gallery, London
The National Gallery, London

The inscription is taken from Christ's words in the New Testament (John 8: 1), beginning 'I am the Light of the World'. These continue, 'he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.'

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  • Título: Christ as 'The Light of the World'
  • Criador: Paris Bordone
  • Data de criação: about 1550
  • School: Italian
  • More Info: More Artist Information
  • Inventory number: NG1845
  • Dimensões físicas: w747 x h907 cm
  • Artist Biography: Bordone was from Treviso, but spent most of his life in Venice, where he was established by 1518. Few of his paintings are dated and as his style seems to have evolved very little, the chronology of his work is uncertain.
  • Acquisition Credit: Presented by Mrs Mary M. Wood through her brother, the Revd G. Greenwood, 1901
  • Tipo: Painting
  • Link externo: The National Gallery, London
  • Meio: Oil on canvas

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