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Christ taking leave of his Mother

Wolf Huberabout 1520

The National Gallery, London
The National Gallery, London

Huber's picture is clearly a fragment of a larger composition. On the far right the hand of the blessing Christ is visible, as is part of his robe and his foot, but the rest of his figure has been lost.

The subject of Christ taking leave of his Mother before departing for Jerusalem and death on the cross was sometimes included in series of the Life of Christ or the Virgin. This painting, however, like Altdorfer's picture of 'Christ taking leave of his Mother' (also in the National Gallery), may always have been a single panel rather than part of an altarpiece. The two paintings may also be very close in date, from about 1520.

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  • Título: Christ taking leave of his Mother
  • Creador: Wolf Huber
  • Fecha de creación: about 1520
  • School: German
  • More Info: More Artist Information
  • Inventory number: NG6550
  • Dimensiones físicas: w682 x h955 cm
  • Artist Biography: Huber was a painter of altarpieces and portraits, a designer of graphic work and also an architect. He was a native of Feldkirch in western Austria. Huber spent much of his career as a court painter at Passau but he is best known for his landscape depictions. His distinctively beautiful landscape drawings were a particular influence on other artists.
  • Acquisition Credit: Bought, 1995
  • Tipo: Painting
  • Enlace externo: The National Gallery, London
  • Soporte: Oil on fir

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