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Apollo and two Muses

Pompeo Batoni (workshop replica)after 1741

The Wilanów Palace Museum
The Wilanów Palace Museum

Allegorical paintings by Master Batoni: 'Apollo and Two Muses' and 'Allegory of Architecture, Painting and Sculpture', both studio replicas, occupied a relevant position in the Wilanów collections. Emphasis was placed on their high artistic quality and, as a rule, the canvases were displayed together. Batoni’s original works, today in private collections in Turin, were executed for Francesco Conti of Lucca, one of the painter’s patrons. First, the artist executed 'Allegory…' (prior to 8 May 1740) and completed 'Apollo and two Muses' in January 1741. From the very onset, the two compositions had numerous enthusiasts and were copied upon numerous occasions, while copies executed in the Batoni atelier were treated as the painter’s original works. They are to be found in assorted European collections, i.a. the Louvre.

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  • Title: Apollo and two Muses
  • Date Created: after 1741
  • Technique: oil on canvas
  • Subject: Apollo is shown as the symbol of ideal divine music - the harmony of the celestial spheres, while the Muses gazing at him - Euterpe and Urania – personify music and astronomy
  • Provenance: Until 1939 allegorical paintings by Batoni: 'Apollo and two Muses' and 'Allegory of architecture, painting and sculpture' occupied a prominent place in the Wilanów collection. During the Second World War both paintings were lost; one of them, 'Apollo and two Muses', was found in Pavlovsk near St. Petersburg and in 1997 returned to Poland due to the efforts of the Government Plenipotentiary for Polish Cultural Heritage Abroad.
  • Physical Dimensions: w900 x h1220 mm (without frame)
  • Painter: Pompeo Batoni (workshop replica)
  • Type: Painting
  • Rights: Wilanów Palace Museum, Photo: Z. Reszka

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